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Tony Khan confirms ANOTHER AEW STAR has been LET GO

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Tony Khan has confirmed that Sonny Kiss is no longer under an AEW contract.

Kiss was one of the AEW originals who had been signed by the company in early 2019. The highlight of his AEW career was probably his tag team with Joey Janela. The duo competed against stars such as Chris Jericho and Jake Hager during the early days of the company.

The 29-year-old however had only been appearing on AEW programming occasionally in recent times. He was quietly removed from the roster page on AEW’s website earlier this week, sparking rumors about his status.

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Sonny Kiss is done with AEW

Tony Khan was asked about Kiss during the AEW All Out media scrum (H/t Fightful). Khan mentioned how he has kept the locker room stable but he cannot renew every contract:

“I’ve done a lot to keep the locker room stable and I have a lot of people that I not only keep under contract, but I’ve done well to not do major mass layoffs and let 20-30 people go at a time. I can’t renew every single contract in AEW,

The AEW president later confirmed that he decided not to renew Sonny Kiss’ AEW contract. Tony Khan discussed how they have stopped producing Dark and Elevation and claimed that it’s hard to put everyone on TV:

“I think Sonny Kiss has a lot of talent and I wish him the best and I hold him in high regard. It’s true that I did not renew that contract, but not because I don’t like Sonny.  Every opportunity Sonny has had, I’ve put thought into it. With a huge crew, it’s hard to get everyone on TV.”

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