Tony Khan slammed after AEW newcomer loses his first match

Tony Khan AEW

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AEW President Tony Khan is usually lavished with praise by the fans due to his booking decisions on his shows. However, this time around Khan was heavily lambasted by veteran pro-wrestling promoter Jim Cornette for AEW’s booking decisions on recently signed-Jay Lethal.

Tony Khan was criticized for his booking decisions on Jay Lethal

The veteran star Jay Lethal was a top-tier wrestler at many promotions, and he’s known to be excellent in the ring as well as on the mic. Unfortunately, he has not been featured on recent AEW shows since his debut match against the Interim TNT Champion Sammy Guevara, which Lethal lost. The former ROH star also made a minor appearance during the Diamond Ring Battle Royal.

During the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette expressed his frustrations on Lethal’s booking by AEW. Here is what he said:

“Good God, a guy [Jay Lethal] who dominated the Ring of Honor Championship? Who’s had quality matches against innumerable people over the last 10 years? And he comes into the company, loses his first match on TV, that’s the last match he’s had on TV? And he should be teaching half of the guys that they’re featuring on this program? Don’t even get me started.”

We will have to wait and see when Jay Lethal makes his next appearance in AEW.

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