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Triple H’s reaction to Saraya being released from WWE revealed

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Saraya is the latest former WWE name to have joined the AEW roster. This happened after WWE officials decided to let her contract expire and not re-sign her in July. Latest reports reveal that the new WWE management did try to get her back into the fold before she chose to join the rival promotion.

According to reports, Triple H was shocked that the management team led by Vince McMahon decided not to renew the former WWE star’s deal earlier this year:

“Triple H’s new regime did make efforts to get Saraya back in the fold, and everything we’ve heard points to a positive relationship between those two sides, with Triple H being shocked her deal wasn’t renewed by the previous regime,” reported Fightful Select.

Per the site, they did offer her a new position in the company after Triple H took over. The former Paige was offered a general manager role in WWE:

“We’re told by those familiar with the situation that Saraya was actually offered the General Manager position by the new WWE regime, about a month after her deal was not renewed. That was a spot she held years ago, before WWE did away with authority figures for a while.”

Saraya ultimately chose to join the promotion led by Tony Khan. The freedom to do outside projects without giving up a cut of it to the company was one of the reasons behind her decision.

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Martin MacDonald