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Will Chris Jericho Retire Judas Theme Song After Heel Turn?

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Chris Jericho’s theme song is one of the most unique aspects of his AEW character. People have taken on the Judas theme song and made it legendary by singing it out loud every time the wrestling veteran comes to stage. Many fans have however, wondered if Jericho will be retiring the theme soon.

The reason for this is Y2J’s recent heel turn which makes it tempting for him to do something that will upset the fans. Chris admitted that he has thought about it while appearing on Busted Open (h/t Fightful). He also mentioned how it’s something that happened organically that no other wrestling company has:

“So I have thought about retiring it a few times. I might retire it. I might retire it tonight.” Chris Jericho teased, “But I also think that the show business aspect of it and the spectacle of it far outweighs whether I’m a heel or a babyface because the point of pro wrestling is to get people involved and to have them hooked and get them into the show.”

The former AEW world champion mentioned how he might get some heat for a week or two if he got rid of the theme song. But he is thinking about spinning it a little bit differently to suit the heel character instead.

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Martin MacDonald