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WWE star labeled as ‘better’ in-ring performer than Kenny Omega

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Pro wrestling veteran Jim Cornette often shares his thoughts known. He recently compared the former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega to the former WWE United States Champion Theory. Cornette finds the latter to be a better worker inside the squared circle.

Theory became the youngest WWE Superstar to win the Men’s Money in the Bank Match last week. He recently received a massive push and won the US Title apart from the Money in the Bank briefcase. He also wrestled in a high-profile match at WrestleMania.

Jim Cornette sheds praise on Theory

Kenny Omega has been away from in-ring action for quite some time now. On Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Cornette discussed Omega’s recent comments on his health and how another injury could put him on the shelf for good. The former WWE personality compared Omega’s style of wrestling with Theory’s, saying the WWE Superstar is far better inside the squared circle:

“He’s [Theory] a much better worker than Kenny Omega is and ever will be, right now,” said Cornette. “Because he’s a better worker. Work has nothing to do with doing the fu*king moves. It helps if you can, but it seems to me that a guy like Theory understands what the business is and has to be now.”

He continued:

“With Austin Theory, his basics, his fundamentals, the way he moves and conducts himself in the ring, and the moves he does and the things he does fit him and don’t embarass or hurt the business or anybody he’s working with. Twinkle Toes [Omega] just does moves and dives. He doesn’t have any idea how to put a match together to make sense from start to finish, he can’t hit the ropes player, he’s self-trained.”

Theory is currently involved in a feud with Bobby Lashley.’ The All Mighty’ dethroned Theory off the WWE United Staes title at Money In The Bank Premium Live Event. while Omega is sidelined with an injury. We will have to see when ‘The Cleaner’ makes his way back to the company.

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Bishal Roy