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Andy Ruiz Jr Net Worth 2024: Updated Wealth of the Boxing Star

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Andy Ruiz Jr., the celebrated American-Mexican boxer, has had a remarkable career in the ring.

Known for his historic victory over Anthony Joshua, Ruiz has made significant strides both in fame and fortune. As of 2024, Andy Ruiz Jr.’s net worth is an impressive $10 million (via Celebrity Net Worth).

Let’s delve into the details of his financial journey and the milestones that have contributed to his wealth.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Amateur Beginnings

Born on September 11, 1989, in Imperial, California, Andy Ruiz Jr. started his boxing career early. With an amateur record of 105-5, he quickly made a name for himself.

His professional debut in March 2009 against Miguel Ramirez marked the beginning of a promising journey.

Professional Achievements

Ruiz’s early professional years were marked by a series of victories.

In July 2013, he won the vacant WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title against Joe Hanks, bringing his record to 20-0. This victory was followed by winning the vacant NABF heavyweight title in November 2013.

The Historic Upset

Defeating Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr.’s career skyrocketed in June 2019 when he faced Anthony Joshua.

In a shocking turn of events, Ruiz defeated Joshua, becoming the first boxer of Mexican heritage to win the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight titles. This victory not only cemented his place in boxing history but also brought significant financial rewards.

Earnings from the Fight

The victory against Joshua earned Ruiz a substantial $7 million, marking a significant boost in his career earnings. Prior to this fight, his total boxing earnings were approximately $300,000.

The rematch with Joshua in December 2019 further increased his earnings, with a guaranteed $9 million before pay-per-view, merchandise, and endorsements.

Personal Life and Media Presence

Family and Lifestyle

Ruiz still resides in his hometown of Imperial, California, where he lives with his wife and five children. Despite his fame, he maintains a close connection to his roots.

Media Appearances

Post-victory, Andy Ruiz Jr. became a media sensation. He appeared on various talk shows, threw the first pitch at a Dodgers game, and even had a hometown parade in his honour.

His victory led to a meeting with the President of Mexico, further elevating his public profile.

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