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Boxing News: Andy Ruiz makes BIG claim about recent Deontay Wilder bout

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In the world of heavyweight boxing news, rivalries and verbal exchanges are as much a part of the sport as the fights themselves. Andy Ruiz Jr., a former heavyweight champion, recently made headlines with his candid remarks about Deontay Wilder’s recent bout against Joseph Parker.

Ruiz, who has had his share of ups and downs in the ring, didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts on the fight and his future plans in the sport.

Boxing News: Ruiz’s Reaction to Wilder’s Defeat

Andy Ruiz Jr. was among the spectators at the high-profile fight night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which featured several top heavyweights, including Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

The event was significant, with a potential matchup between Joshua and Wilder on the horizon, contingent on their respective victories. However, while Joshua secured a win against Otto Wallin, Wilder faced a surprising unanimous decision defeat at the hands of New Zealand’s Joseph Parker.

Ruiz, known for his straightforwardness, admitted to feeling a sense of satisfaction seeing Wilder lose. This sentiment stems from a history of verbal sparring and negotiation challenges between Ruiz and Wilder regarding a potential fight.

“I was actually praying for Joseph Parker, I wanted him to win,” Ruiz stated in an interview with iFL TV (via BoxingScene). He expressed his delight in Parker’s victory, citing Wilder’s tendency to talk down his opponents and boast about his knockout capabilities.

Ruiz’s Career and Future Aspirations

Since his rematch loss to Anthony Joshua in 2019, Ruiz’s activity in the ring has been limited. He has fought only twice since then, securing unanimous decisions over Chris Arreola and Luiz Ortiz. Despite these setbacks, Ruiz is determined to make a strong comeback next year.

Ruiz also expressed his desire for rematches with either Joshua or Parker. He holds a particular interest in Parker, who defeated him by majority decision in their 2016 bout for the vacant WBO title.

“He beat me the first time,” Ruiz reflected. “I know it wasn’t like a real [defeat], but he beat me over there in his hometown, and I wouldn’t mind running it back.”

Boxing News: The Heavyweight Landscape

The heavyweight division remains one of the most dynamic and unpredictable in boxing. With fighters like Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, and Joseph Parker constantly vying for supremacy, the landscape is always shifting.

Ruiz’s desire to re-establish himself as a top contender adds another layer of intrigue to this ever-evolving picture.


  • What was Andy Ruiz’s reaction to Deontay Wilder’s defeat?
    • Ruiz expressed satisfaction with Joseph Parker’s victory over Wilder, citing Wilder’s habit of talking negatively about his opponents.
  • Why is Andy Ruiz interested in a rematch with Joseph Parker?
    • Ruiz seeks to avenge his 2016 majority decision loss to Parker and prove his capabilities in the heavyweight division.
  • Has Andy Ruiz fought since his loss to Anthony Joshua in 2019?
    • Yes, Ruiz has fought twice since then, winning both bouts by unanimous decision.
  • What are Ruiz’s plans for the future?
    • Ruiz aims to return to the ring next year and is interested in rematches with either Anthony Joshua or Joseph Parker.
  • How does Ruiz’s perspective add to the heavyweight division’s dynamics?
    • Ruiz’s determination to reclaim his position as a top contender adds another competitive element to the already dynamic heavyweight division.
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