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Boxing News: Fighter still eyeing 2024 showdown with Canelo Alvarez

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In the dynamic world of boxing, the quest for supremacy often leads to unexpected twists and turns. One such narrative unfolding in the super middleweight division involves Edgar Berlanga, an undefeated contender, who remains steadfast in his ambition to face the Mexican boxing superstar, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, in a much-anticipated showdown in 2024.

Edgar Berlanga, boasting an impressive record of 21 wins with no losses, including 16 knockouts, recently made a significant career move by parting ways with Top Rank and joining Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing.

This strategic shift was primarily motivated by Berlanga’s aspiration to set up a fight against Canelo Alvarez. However, this plan encountered a hurdle when Canelo signed a three-fight commitment with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC).

Focus on the Immediate Challenge

Despite the setback, Berlanga remains undeterred and is currently focusing on his upcoming fight against Padraig McCrory, scheduled for February 24 at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Florida.

McCrory, undefeated in 18 fights with nine knockouts, presents a formidable challenge. Berlanga views this fight as a crucial stepping stone, acknowledging McCrory’s commendable record and his straightforward fighting style.

Berlanga’s Vision for the Future against Canelo Alvarez

Berlanga’s contract with Matchroom Boxing includes two fights, after which he will become a free agent. This status could potentially open more doors for the much-awaited clash with Canelo.

Berlanga is aware of Canelo’s fight dates in May and September and remains hopeful for a possible matchup in September:

“I have not given up on a fight against Canelo. It doesn’t matter that he’s with PBC because it is stipulated in my contract that I can fight with [an opponent signed with] another promoter. I know that if I win in February it could happen later on. Canelo has dates in May and September, so we’ll see if it can happen in September,” Berlanga recently told Carlos Gonzalez (via BoxingScene).

Edgar Berlanga vs Canelo Alvarez: A Dream to Fight in Puerto Rico

Another dream of Berlanga’s is to fight in Puerto Rico, his homeland. He expressed a desire to be part of Amanda Serrano’s return to Puerto Rico on March 2 but faced logistical challenges.

Post his February fight, Berlanga plans to push for a fight in Puerto Rico, aiming to add this achievement to his already impressive career, which includes fighting at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York.


  • Who is Edgar Berlanga?
    • Edgar Berlanga is an undefeated super middleweight boxer with a record of 21-0, including 16 knockouts.
  • Why did Berlanga join Matchroom Boxing?
    • Berlanga joined Matchroom Boxing to facilitate a potential fight against Canelo Alvarez.
  • What is Berlanga’s next fight?
    • Berlanga is set to fight Padraig McCrory on February 24 in Orlando, Florida.
  • What are Berlanga’s plans after his current contract?
    • After his contract with Matchroom Boxing, Berlanga will become a free agent, which could open opportunities for a fight against Canelo.
  • Has Berlanga fought in Puerto Rico before?
    • Berlanga has expressed a strong desire to fight in Puerto Rico but has faced logistical challenges in making this a reality.
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