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Boxing News: Claressa Shields OPEN to HUGE rematch

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In the dynamic world of women’s boxing, few rivalries capture the imagination quite like the one between Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall.

Dmitriy Salita, Shields’ promoter, recently expressed openness to a rematch with Marshall (via BoxingScene), stirring excitement among boxing enthusiasts. This potential rematch isn’t just another bout; it’s a continuation of a narrative steeped in history and competition.

From Amateur Days to Professional Rings

Shields and Marshall’s rivalry dates back to their amateur days, with Marshall holding the distinction of being the only boxer to have defeated Shields in her amateur career.

This fact alone adds a layer of intrigue to their professional encounters. Their last meeting in October in London was a spectacle, with Shields emerging victorious in a unanimous decision, unifying the middleweight division.

Boxing News: Marshall’s Ascent and the Call for a Rematch

Since their last encounter, Marshall has made significant strides, moving up to 168 pounds and claiming the undisputed champion title after defeating Franchon Crews-Dezurn.

Despite losing the WBC belt due to an injury, Marshall’s performance has been nothing short of impressive. Her team’s eagerness for a rematch with Shields is a testament to the competitive spirit that defines her career.

Boxing NewsL The Salita Perspective – A Promoter’s Insight

Dmitriy Salita, Shields’ promoter, acknowledges the natural rivalry between the two fighters.

He admires Shields for her willingness to travel and face Marshall in her home country, a move he considers rare for an athlete at the peak of their career.

A Clash Beyond Boxing: The MMA Angle

Interestingly, both Shields and Marshall have ventured into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), with contracts signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

This crossover adds another dimension to their rivalry, suggesting that their competitive spirit transcends the boundaries of boxing.

Boxing News: Salita’s Confidence in Shields

Salita expresses unwavering confidence in Shields, believing in her ability to win against Marshall consistently. He acknowledges Marshall’s skills but maintains that Shields’ continuous improvement and soaring confidence make her a formidable opponent.

The prospect of a rematch, according to Salita, is not only welcome but also an exciting opportunity for both fighters to showcase their evolved skills.


  • Who is Claressa Shields? Claressa Shields is an undisputed middleweight champion known for her exceptional skills in the boxing ring.
  • What is the history between Shields and Marshall? Savannah Marshall is the only boxer to have defeated Shields in her amateur career, setting the stage for a riveting professional rivalry.
  • What happened in their last professional meeting? In their last professional encounter, Shields won a unanimous decision against Marshall, unifying the middleweight division.
  • What weight class is Marshall currently in? Marshall has moved up to 168 pounds and became the undisputed champion in that weight class.
  • Are Shields and Marshall involved in MMA? Yes, both fighters have signed contracts with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), indicating their involvement in Mixed Martial Arts.
  • What does Dmitriy Salita say about a potential rematch? Dmitriy Salita, Shields’ promoter, is open to exploring a rematch, citing the natural rivalry and the excitement it generates among boxing fans.
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