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Boxing News: Deontay Wilder slammed for ‘trash’ gameplan

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In a recent turn of events in the boxing world, Deontay Wilder and his performance against Joseph Parker has drawn significant criticism, particularly from Hall of Fame fighter Tim Bradley.

Wilder, once known for his formidable presence in the ring, seemed to falter in his latest bout, leading to a comprehensive defeat over twelve rounds in Saudi Arabia.

Deontay Wilder: An Uncharacteristic Performance

Deontay Wilder, a name synonymous with power and aggression in the boxing ring, appeared unrecognisable against Joseph Parker.

The American boxer, known for his knockout prowess, was on the defensive throughout the fight. Parker, showcasing a resurgent form, dominated most of the rounds and nearly achieved a stoppage in the eighth round.

This marked a stark contrast to Wilder’s usual style, raising questions about his strategy and mental preparedness for the fight.

Tim Bradley’s Harsh Critique

Tim Bradley did not mince words when assessing Wilder’s performance. Speaking on Pro Box TV (via BoxingScene), Bradley described Wilder’s showing as “terrible,” questioning both his mental state and the strategy employed for the fight.

Bradley speculated that Wilder’s gameplan might have been influenced by Parker’s association with Tyson Fury, leading to a cautious approach that ultimately backfired.

Questioning the Gameplan

A significant part of Bradley’s criticism was directed at the game plan devised by Wilder and his team, particularly his trainer, Malik Scott.

Bradley pointed out the lack of Wilder’s signature double jab and right-hand combination, a tactic that has brought him success in the past. Instead, Wilder’s approach seemed hesitant, focusing more on lateral movement and defence, which Bradley labelled as ‘trash.’

According to Bradley, to defeat a boxer like Joseph Parker, an aggressive stance is essential, something Wilder’s strategy sorely lacked.

Deontay Wilder Career: The Aftermath and Future Prospects

Despite the setback, the 38-year-old Wilder has confirmed his intention to continue fighting. However, the question of who he will face next remains open.

This defeat and the criticism that has followed might prompt a reevaluation of his approach and strategy in future bouts.


  • What was Tim Bradley’s opinion on Deontay Wilder’s performance? Tim Bradley described Wilder’s performance as “terrible,” criticising his gameplan and approach against Joseph Parker.
  • How did Joseph Parker perform against Deontay Wilder? Joseph Parker dominated most of the rounds against Wilder, showcasing patience and control, and nearly achieved a stoppage in the eighth round.
  • What was lacking in Deontay Wilder’s strategy, according to Tim Bradley? Bradley pointed out the absence of Wilder’s characteristic double jab and right-hand combination, criticizing his defensive and hesitant approach.
  • Will Deontay Wilder continue to box after this defeat? Yes, Wilder has confirmed his intention to continue his boxing career, though his next opponent is yet to be determined.
  • How does this defeat affect Deontay Wilder’s legacy? This defeat, particularly the manner of it, might impact Wilder’s legacy, raising questions about his adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges.
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