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Boxing News: Fans LIVID over updated Ring rankings (December 2023)

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The boxing news world is in an uproar following the latest heavyweight rankings released by Ring Magazine. The rankings, which came after the “Day of Reckoning” card, have sparked widespread debate and dissatisfaction among fans and analysts alike.

At the heart of the controversy are the positions of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, who are currently ranked #1 and #2, respectively.

Boxing News: Joshua’s Questionable Ascension

Anthony Joshua’s rise to the #2 spot has particularly drawn criticism. His recent victory over Otto Wallin, a mediocre heavyweight, according to many, has been deemed insufficient to warrant such a high ranking.

Critics argue that Wallin is not the calibre of opponent that should catapult a boxer to the second spot in the heavyweight rankings.

Joshua’s recent track record includes wins against 39-year-old Robert Helenius and Jermaine Franklin, neither of whom are considered top-tier heavyweights.

This has led to accusations that Joshua is being artificially propped up by his promoter, Eddie Hearn, and that his ranking does not reflect the reality of his recent opposition.

Fury’s Unconvincing Position

Tyson Fury, still rated #1, is also under scrutiny. His last performance against Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia was seen as subpar by many fans.

Despite being awarded a controversial ten-round split decision, observers felt that Fury, who appeared to be past his prime, clearly lost the fight.

His inability to dominate as he had in the past has raised questions about his deserving of the top spot.

Boxing News: The Rankings in Detail

The updated Ring Magazine heavyweight rankings are as follows:

  • King: Oleksandr Usyk
    1. Tyson Fury
    1. Anthony Joshua
    1. Zhilei Zhang
    1. Joseph Parker
    1. Filip Hrgovic
    1. Frank Sanchez
    1. Jared Anderson
    1. Joe Joyce
    1. Deontay Wilder
    1. Agit Kabayel

Boxing News: Fan Reactions and Criticism

The backlash from fans stems from a perception that the rankings do not accurately reflect the current landscape of heavyweight boxing.

Many believe that Zhilei Zhang, who is currently ranked third, deserves the top spot, especially considering Oleksandr Usyk’s shaky performance against Daniel Dubois.

Fans argue that the rankings seem to reward boxers based on their past glories or promotional backing rather than their recent performances and current form.

The Role of Promoters

The influence of promoters in boxing rankings has long been a topic of debate. In the case of Anthony Joshua, critics suggest that Eddie Hearn’s influence has led to an inflated ranking.

This raises broader questions about the transparency and fairness of the ranking process in professional boxing.


  • Why are fans upset with the latest Ring rankings? Fans are upset because they feel the rankings do not accurately reflect the current form and recent performances of the boxers, particularly with Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury’s high placements.
  • What is the criticism against Anthony Joshua’s ranking? Critics argue that Joshua’s recent victories against lower-tier opponents do not justify his #2 ranking, suggesting he is being unduly propped up by his promoter.
  • Is Tyson Fury still ranked #1? Yes, Tyson Fury is still ranked #1, but his position is contested due to his perceived underwhelming performance in recent fights.
  • Who do fans believe should be ranked higher? Many fans believe Zhilei Zhang deserves a higher ranking, possibly the top spot, given the current performances of other heavyweights.
  • How do the rankings impact the sport? Rankings influence fight matchups and public perception, but controversies like this can lead to questions about the fairness and integrity of the ranking process in boxing.
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