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Boxing News: UK fighter DESTROYED in one punch knockout

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In a stunning display of power and precision, Australian cruiserweight Jai Opetaia delivered a message to the boxing world with a brutal one-punch knockout of British fighter Ellis Zorro.

The showdown, which took place at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ended abruptly at 2:56 of the first round, leaving the boxing community in awe of Opetaia’s prowess.

Opetaia, known for his formidable presence in the ring, faced Zorro, an unbeaten but relatively inexperienced opponent. The fight began with Opetaia showcasing his patience and tactical acumen, carefully measuring his opponent. Zorro, on his part, appeared hesitant, perhaps overwhelmed by the magnitude of the occasion.

This hesitancy proved costly as Opetaia seized the opportunity to unleash a devastating overhand left, sending Zorro to the canvas in a dramatic fashion. The impact was so severe that no count was necessary, and the fight was immediately halted.

Boxing News: The Aftermath of the Knockout

The victory marked Opetaia’s second championship defence, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the cruiserweight division.

Despite the jubilation of his win, Opetaia’s celebration was tempered by concern for his fallen opponent, who required medical attention.

Opetaia’s Path to Victory

Leading up to the fight, Opetaia had faced a tumultuous period, having to vacate his IBF cruiserweight title. He was initially ordered to face Mairis Brieidis, whom he had defeated to win the belt.

However, Opetaia chose to participate in the “Day of Reckoning” show, driven more by the prospect of financial reward than the defence of his title.

This decision set the stage for his encounter with Zorro, who entered the ring as a significant underdog.

Boxing News: The Bigger Picture

The event, part of an eight-fight Pay-Per-View show, also featured prominent boxers like Anthony Joshua, Otto Wallin, Deontay Wilder, and Joseph Parker.

These bouts, particularly the heavyweight clashes, added to the night’s excitement and showcased the depth of talent in modern boxing.


  • Who won the boxing match between Jai Opetaia and Ellis Zorro?
    • Jai Opetaia won with a one-punch knockout in the first round.
  • Where did the fight take place?
    • The fight took place at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • What title did Jai Opetaia hold before this fight?
    • He was the holder of the IBF cruiserweight title, which he had to vacate prior to this fight.
  • How did the fight end?
    • The fight ended with Opetaia delivering a powerful overhand left, knocking out Zorro.
  • What does this win mean for Opetaia’s career?
    • This win solidifies Opetaia’s status as a top contender in the cruiserweight division and sets him up for potentially bigger fights in the future.
  • Was there any notable sportsmanship shown during the event?
    • Yes, Opetaia showed concern for Zorro post-knockout, highlighting his professionalism and respect for his opponent.
  • What was the significance of this fight for Ellis Zorro?
    • For Zorro, this was a significant step up in competition, and despite the loss, it was an opportunity to gauge his abilities against a top-tier opponent.
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