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Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor Press Conference UK Time

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Boxing fans, mark your calendars. The press conference for the highly anticipated bout between Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor is set to take place on Thursday, May 18th, 2023. With the Undercard Press Conference starting at 1.00pm, followed by the Main Event Press Conference at 2.00pm.

The Undercard Press Conference

Before we dive into the main event, let’s not overlook the undercard press conference. It begins at 1.00pm, featuring an array of talented boxers. They’ll take the stage to discuss their upcoming fights, offering insights into their training regimes, strategies, and expectations.

These press conferences are essential viewing for any boxing enthusiast. They often reveal the boxers’ mindset leading up to the fight and can provide valuable context for what to expect on the big night. Please note however that only media will be allowed to attend in person.

The Main Event: Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor

At 2.00pm, it’s time for the main event press conference. The focus will shift to the headline act: Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor.

This fight has been creating waves in the boxing world. Both are incredibly talented fighters, and this is a bout that promises to be exciting from the first bell to the last.

Chantelle Cameron: The Challenger

Chantelle Cameron comes into this fight with a lot to prove. She has shown incredible form in recent matches, demonstrating a mix of speed, power, and technical prowess that has left many opponents reeling.

She will no doubt be using this press conference to showcase her determination and readiness to take on the formidable Katie Taylor.

Katie Taylor: The Reigning Champion

On the other side of the ring, Katie Taylor needs no introduction.

She’s a boxing phenomenon, with a string of victories under her belt. Her defensive style and swift counterattacks have earned her the respect of the boxing world. The press conference will be an opportunity for Taylor to assert her dominance and lay down the gauntlet for her challenger.

What to Expect from the Press Conference

Press conferences are more than just an opportunity for fighters to share their thoughts. They are a strategic event, with each boxer attempting to assert psychological dominance over their opponent. Expect the unexpected ’“ from heated exchanges to displays of confidence and camaraderie.

In the case of Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor, both fighters have shown immense respect for each other in the past. However, with the stakes so high, and the world watching, this press conference could be a turning point in the lead up to the fight.


The press conference for the Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor fight promises to be a captivating event. Whether you’re a hardcore boxing fan or a casual observer, this is a press conference you won’t want to miss. Prepare for insights, intrigue, and maybe even a surprise or two as we edge closer to this much-anticipated bout.

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