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Brendan Schaub – “Ryan Garcia Is Not Ready for Tank Davis”

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MMA and UFC star Brendan Schaub recently discussed the Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell fight that took place over the weekend. Schaub would state that whilst Garcia won the fight? There were a lot of issues with his fight style and he isn’t ready for the likes of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

“I don’t know where they go from here” Brendan Schaub began on the Below The Belt podcast. “He [Garcia] dropped him [Campbell] with a great body shot, ridiculous body shot. But he [Garcia] didn’t look phenomenal. You don’t walk away from that thinking he is the future of boxing, you know?”

Brendan Schaub on Ryan Garcia

Schaub would then compare Garcia’s performances to that of other rising stars in boxing. “If you look at ‘Tank’ Davis’ fights, if you look at some of these other youngsters? Lopez before he beat Lomachenko? You talking about guys that are just starching guys.”

“Ryan Garcia was a little sloppy” the MMA star would continue. “Especially his hook, it was really slow and not landing. His footwork? He was a little off balance most of the fight. I, you know…I think it’s tough from from here, especially now that he’s a world title holder. You know you can’t really pick and choose, [but] you can run away from some guys.”

Schaub would finish by warning Garcia off of a fight against the likes of ‘Tank’ Davis, saying that he is nowhere near ready. “I heard he’s kind of talking sh*t to ‘Tank’ Davis? That ain’t what you want! You don’t need that right now in this stage of your career. Ryan Garcia being the fighter that he is? He wants that fight, but then when they interviewed Oscar De La Hoya? He’s like ‘well, I mean, that’s not the avenue we’re gonna go down’ yeah no sh*t that’s not the avenue you’re gonna go down! You don’t want them problems. That’d be just a nightmare for Ryan Garcia.”

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