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Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron Weigh-ins UK Time

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The anticipation is palpable as the Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron weigh-ins draw near. Scheduled for Friday, May 19, 2023, this crucial pre-fight event sets the tone for the impending clash between two boxing giants.

A Stage for Mind Games

The weigh-ins, although primarily a procedural necessity, also serve as a stage for psychological warfare.

The body language, the stares, the words exchanged – these aspects often offer a glimpse into the mental state of the fighters. For avid fans of the sport, this is a must-watch event, rich with subtle nuances.

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron Weigh-ins UK Time

This critical part of the build-up will kick off at 1 PM BST on Friday, May 19th 2023.

CHQ Dublin, the iconic Custom House Quay in North Dock, is the chosen venue for the event. The beautiful setting perfectly matches the magnitude of this titanic clash.

The Importance of the Weigh-ins

Why so much hype about the weigh-ins? In boxing, weight matters. A fighter must meet the weight criteria of their respective division.

If either Katie Taylor or Chantelle Cameron fail to make weight, it could potentially jeopardize the fight. Hence, the weigh-ins carry immense significance.

Live Streaming Details

Boxing enthusiasts from around the world can tune into the event via live stream. Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel will broadcast the weigh-ins, allowing fans to witness this pre-fight spectacle in real time.

A Historic Fight Awaits

With both fighters having their eyes set on victory, the Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron weigh-ins could very well act as the first round of their historic battle.

Make sure to note down the time and date, and get ready for a fascinating display of mental fortitude.


In conclusion, the weigh-ins are a vital part of the fight build-up, offering fans an exclusive peek into the fighters’ mindset and readiness.

As we inch closer to the much-anticipated Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron bout, the weigh-ins promise to add yet another layer of excitement to this thrilling event.

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