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KSI Elbow: Fans call fighter ‘shameless’

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KSI managed to get arguably the biggest victory of his career against Joe Fournier at Misfits Boxing 007, and he reacted to it on Twitter.

JJ took to social media to claim that he “outclassed” and “outboxed” his opponent: “Outboxed and outclassed in every department. Onto the next, Tommy fury, let’s do this. Shoutout to my whole team and appreciate everyone who came out and bought the PPV to watch an entertaining Misfits event. Easy ft Bugzy Malone Out Now.”

Many noted that the finish of the bout seemingly came from the YouTuber turned boxer hitting an elbow on his opponent, which at this point seems fairly undeniable.

KSI Elbow Fan Reaction

The fan reaction to the fighter’s claim has been fierce, with many slating him for not accepting that he won the bout ‘illegally.’

Here are some of the reactions from fans to the Misfits Boxing star’s tweet:

  • Imagine his ego being so big that he can’t even admit he ended the fight with an illegal blow. The guys a wasteman
  • “Outboxed” you threw an elbow in to knock him out
  • Yeah nah got to run that back, was clear you was going to win but that shot you won with was an illegal shot. Got to be run back.
  • Expected you to come out and own the accidental elbow and say you’ll rematch to show the world you can beat him again. That would have been the respectful play.
  • Absolutely shameless
  • Have you no shame?
  • Shameless
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