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Ebanie Bridges Suffers HORRIFIC Eye Injury During Courtenay Fight

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Australian Ebanie Bridges faced Shannon Courtenay in one of the premiere fights on the main broadcast of tonight’s Benn vs Vargas card for Matchroom.

The fight went the full 10 rounds, with arguably the fight at 4-4 as they headed into the 9th round. Courtenay dug deep in the final two rounds to take the win and become the new WBA Bantamweight World Champion.

Bridges remained in the fight, but she was taking some heavy shots to her left eye throughout the bout. At the end of the match, Ebanie Bridges looked bloodied and bruised; with her left eye swollen and bruised to the point that the referee and doctors could’ve stopped the fight.

Check out the horrific injury below:

Before the fight, Ebanie Bridges defended her ‘unique’ style of fight promotion; mainly involving wearing lingerie at the weigh-ins.

‘This same way I’ve got noticed is the same way I’m getting this fight noticed’ Bridges began during the pre-fight press conference. ‘I feel like women’s boxing needs more eyes on the sport, we need to do whatever we can.’

Ebanie Bridges vs Shannon Courtenay

‘I truly believe that the reason this fight has got so much talk about it is because of me’ Ebanie Bridges continued. ‘Because of the different approach. I think that’s what’s helping getting eyes on the sport, getting talk on the sport and building it.’
‘What does matter is what happens in the ring, that’s all that matters’ Bridges added. ‘If we can get as many people as possible to watch the fight, then Shannon and I can show to more diverse number of viewers that women can fight. That’s my goal, get the views and once the people are watching Shannon and I are going to put on a show.’

They put on one hell of a show.

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