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Eddie Hearn Says Venues Get Presented To Joshua and Fury ‘Tomorrow’

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Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn recently talked about the upcoming Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury megabout. It has been going back and forth, however Hearn says that with the logistics it is “very, very close” to being decided.

“It’s nice to hear from Tyson and the team because they know we’re very close” Eddie Hearn began, discussing Tyson Fury’s recent social media comments.

“Tomorrow both guys will be presented with the options for the fight in the summer” Hearn continued. “You heard from Anthony Joshua on social media as well; and you know he doesn’t talk that much about fights coming up. He talks when things are close and you can feel the excitement building between both fighters right now.”

Eddie Hearn on Joshua vs Fury

“We’re in a great place, we’ve got several offers on the table” Hearn continued, saying that several venues are still to be decided on for the touted two fight deal. “As I said they will be presented to the fighters tomorrow. And I’m quietly confident you know? And again it was nice to see Tyson fury post a bit of enthusiasm; because I guess he feels we’re close now as well.”

“I’m going to try and pop out and see Bob Arum on Tuesday” Eddie Hearn added. £I don’t wanna get too excited, because I’ve been telling you it’s going to be two weeks for about six weeks. But we’ve worked really really hard to get this done.”

“Anthony Joshua came into our office after the London 2012 Olympics and he had a dream to be Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world; and that’s what we’re working toward. So we’re in a good place, we’re nice and close.”

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