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Tommy Fury makes sensational KSI claim

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Tommy Fury is expected to be facing KSI next, and the man who beat Jake Paul made quite the sensational claim amidst the potential bout.

Speaking at the Misfits Boxing event following KSI’s extremely controversial win against Joe Fournier, Fury claimed that he would easily knock out the Sidemen member in four rounds.

“All I can say is, sign me up. Easy money, KSI is easy money. You are going to sleep in four rounds, four rounds, asleep. You went gung ho, no defense, no head movement. Knocked out,” Fury began getting in the face of KSI.

Tommy Fury vs KSI

“Guess what? You didn’t beat a pro boxer tonight, I’m the pro boxer, let’s get that straight. I’ve already ticked off one name in Jake Paul, he’s done, he’s finished and you will be ticked off. Like it or not you will be ticked off and Misfits is going to be over” Fury emphatically claimed.

KSI replied to the fighter by saying that he has no intention of losing the bout (via Boxing Scene): “I truly believe I can knock him out, get my timing on him and sleep him. My power is not like Jake’s it’s more, it’s devastating.  It’s different. He said I’m easy money, he would destroy me and destroy Misfits.  Nah man. I want to crush and destroy and want to be known as one of the best in this scene. I want the fight this year.”

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