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WWE 2K23 Mods: The Best Available Right Now (Updated November 2023)

WWE 2K23 Mods

The world of WWE 2K23 has been buzzing with excitement as modders have unleashed a plethora of mods that enhance the gaming experience. From character mods to custom arenas, the creativity and dedication of the modding community have brought a new level of excitement to the game. Let’s dive into some of the best mods … Read more

AEW Fight Forever Xbox UK: Where to Buy for Christmas

AEW Fight Forever Christmas UK

As the festive season approaches, Xbox gamers across the UK are putting together their lists with one of the most fun wrestling games of the year being on many: AEW Fight Forever. This game, compatible with both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, brings the electrifying atmosphere of All Elite Wrestling right into your living … Read more

WWE 2K23 Locker Codes November 2023: Active and expired

WWE 2K23 Locker Codes

Are you a huge fan of WWE 2K23? If so, you are in luck! This article will provide up-to-date information on the latest locker codes available for November 2023.  We have broken down both active and expired codes to make it easier for you to find what you need. Whether you’re looking for exclusive items … Read more

AEW Fight Forever: Potential NEW CHARACTERS coming?

AEW Fight Forever Official Poster Stadium Stampede

As the wrestling world buzzes with anticipation, fans of AEW Fight Forever are eager to know what the future holds for their favourite game. With the game having been on the market for nearly four months, there’s a lot of speculation about potential new characters and updates. Here’s what we’ve gathered. Read More: Wrestling veteran … Read more

AEW Fight Forever 1.1 Patch PS4: What has been fixed?

AEW Fight Forever Roster

AEW’s first console video game, AEW Fight Forever, has been making waves in the gaming community since its release last month. Despite receiving good-but-not-great reviews, the game has garnered a significant amount of attention, particularly from Playstation 4 and PC users. However, some users have reported stability issues, particularly on the PS4 platform. Read More: … Read more

Kenny Omega confirms that fan favourite match is coming to AEW Fight Forever

AEW Fight Forever Release Date

Kenny Omega recently confirmed a special addition to AEW Fight Forever during an interview with Uproxx. The addition in question is the Stadium Stampede, which Omega promises will bring a unique and exciting twist to the game. Omega’s enthusiasm was palpable as he discussed the upcoming changes. “There is always going to be additions to … Read more

Kenny Omega reacts to fan criticism of AEW Fight Forever

Kenny Omega Forbidden Door AEW NJPW In Ring

The wrestling world was abuzz last week with the release of AEW Fight Forever, and Kenny Omega has reacted to complaints about the new title online. The game, developed by Yukes and published by THQ Nordic, was launched on multiple platforms including Xbox One, Xbox One Series S/X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Switch. … Read more

How old is Ryu in Street Fighter 6?

Ryu Street Fighter 6 Age

Ryu, the iconic character from the Street Fighter series, has aged like fine wine. He’s grown and matured with the franchise, and in Street Fighter 6, he’s reached an impressive milestone. According to several different outlets, Ryu is around 45 to 50 years old in Street Fighter 6. This intriguing development adds a new layer … Read more

Cammy Street Fighter 6: Move List, Combos and More

Cammy Street Fighter 6

As Street Fighter 6 continues to captivate players worldwide, understanding your characters is essential to stay ahead. Cammy, a series mainstay since Street Fighter 2, has returned to Street Fighter 6 with a fresh new look and a plethora of combat moves. This article will delve into everything you need to know about playing as … Read more

Street Fighter 6: How Long to Beat World Tour?

Street Fighter 6 Zangief Cammy

Street Fighter 6 and the World Tour mode has made waves in the gaming community since its release, offering an immersive single-player experience filled with captivating missions and quests. This RPG-like mode in Capcom’s beloved fighting game allows players to embark on a grand journey to learn the meaning of strength’‹, but how long does … Read more

Street Fighter 6: All World Tour Missions and Quests

Street Fighter 6 World Tour Guide

Immersing yourself into the vibrant world of Street Fighter 6 offers a thrilling RPG-like experience where you step into the shoes of a variety of fighters, embarking on quests and missions that unfold across the urban landscapes of Metro City and beyond. The Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode encapsulates this journey perfectly, presenting a … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Who are the best characters?

Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Promo

In the dynamic universe of Street Fighter 6, the player’s choice of character can heavily influence their success in the game. While Capcom has balanced the roster to ensure every fighter is a viable contender, some characters simply outshine the rest. Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the Street Fighter 6 tier list as of June … Read more

Zelina Vega talks Street Fighter 6 role

Zelina Vega Street Fighter 6

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega was confirmed as a commentator for Street Fighter 6, and she discussed her new role in the game recently. Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Vega described how her role in the game came together and how she is like the ‘Michael Cole’ of SF6. “They said I’m like … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Year One DLC Characters: Who is included?

Street Fighter 6 DLC Characters

Capcom has recently unveiled their exciting plans for the first year of Street Fighter 6, which is set to keep fans on their toes with a fantastic lineup of downloadable content (DLC) characters. Four new fighters will be making their way into the Street Fighter 6 roster, including fan favorites and an all-new addition. From … Read more

Tekken 8 Rollback Netcode: Will it be in the game?

Tekken 8 Marshall Law

With the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Tekken 8, fans of the fighting game franchise have been eager to learn more about the game’s features, particularly in regard to its online performance. One aspect of online gameplay that players are particularly interested in is the implementation of rollback netcode, which has become an increasingly … Read more

Tekken 8 Crossplay: Will the game have it?

Tekken 8 Jin Kazama Fighting

The Tekken series has been a staple in the fighting game community since its debut in 1994. Over the years, the franchise has expanded and evolved, continually delivering exciting, high-quality gameplay to its passionate fanbase, Now, with the highly anticipated release of Tekken 8, players have one question on their minds: will the game support … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Editions: What is available?

Street Fighter 6 Official Poster

Street Fighter, one of the most celebrated and enduring video game franchises, is back with its latest instalment, Street Fighter 6. As players eagerly await the release of this new title, Capcom has announced three different pre-order versions that cater to the varied tastes and preferences of its fanbase: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate … Read more

Will Tekken 8 be on all platforms?

Tekken 8 Jin and Kazuya

As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the release of the much-awaited Tekken 8, one question looms large in the minds of fans: will this iconic fighting game be available on all platforms? While the official release date is yet to be announced, Bandai Namco, the esteemed developer behind the franchise, has shared some crucial information … Read more

God of Rock Release Date: When is the game coming out?

God of Rock Game Poster

The wait is finally over for fans of rhythm fighting games, as the highly anticipated fighting game God of Rock has announced its release date. This unique and exciting game is set to hit the shelves on April 18th, 2023. The game’s fresh take on the rhythm genre promises a thrilling experience for both newcomers … Read more

Street Fighter 6 Xbox Game Pass: Will it be on there?

Street Fighter 6 Zangief

The much-anticipated release of Street Fighter 6 has fans of the iconic fighting game series eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest instalment. With the game set to release on June 2nd, 2023, many gamers are wondering whether SF 6 will be available on the popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Unfortunately, we … Read more

What is the most streamed Fighting Game on Twitch?

Twitch Logo

As streaming platforms like Twitch continue to gain popularity, it’s no surprise that fighting games have found a massive audience on the platform. Fighting games have long been a popular genre in the gaming world, providing players with a thrilling competitive experience and endless entertainment. So, which fighting game reigns supreme as the most-streamed title … Read more

7 Best PS2 Fighting Games (Ranked)

Hwoarang Tekken 5 PS2

The PS2 was an iconic gaming console, and its extensive library of games included some of the most memorable fighting games in history. Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade-style fighters or more complex, technical brawlers, the PlayStation 2 has something for everyone. Here are the seven best PS2 fighting games, ranked according to their … Read more

Tekken 7: The Best 7 Characters (Ranked)

Tekken 7 Best Characters

Tekken 7 is the latest iteration of the popular fighting game franchise, and it features a wide cast of characters to choose from. Each character has its unique moves, fighting style, and backstory. With so many characters to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones are the best to use. In this … Read more

Project L Release Date Rumors: Will the LoL Fighting Game Get Released?

Project L Gameplay

Riot Games, the developer behind the massively popular online multiplayer game, League of Legends (LoL), made waves in the gaming world when they announced Project L, a new fighting game set in the LoL universe. Since the initial announcement, fans have been eagerly awaiting more news regarding a potential release date for this highly anticipated … Read more