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Cammy Street Fighter 6: Move List, Combos and More

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As Street Fighter 6 continues to captivate players worldwide, understanding your characters is essential to stay ahead. Cammy, a series mainstay since Street Fighter 2, has returned to Street Fighter 6 with a fresh new look and a plethora of combat moves.

This article will delve into everything you need to know about playing as Cammy, including her backstory, combos, and strategies to master her gameplay’‹.

Cammy’s Backstory in Street Fighter 6

First appearing in Street Fighter 2, Cammy hails from Britain and has consistently ranked high in players’ preferences for future titles.

Over the years, her character has evolved from being a deadly assassin for the series’ antagonist, M. Bison, to a notorious MI6 agent under the British Government.

In Street Fighter 6, Cammy dons a Union Jack-inspired jacket, symbolizing her role as a member of the British Special Forces sector: Delta Red’‹’‹.

Cammy’s Moves in Street Fighter 6

Cammy is a character revered for her agility and kicking prowess, making her a tricky character to master. She offers a variety of combos, with their effectiveness often depending on the duration they’re held down.

Special Moves

Cammy’s Special Moves include:

Spiral Arrow (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick)

Cannon Spike (Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Kick)

Quick Spin Knuckle (Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch) and others.

One particularly interesting move is the Hooligan Combination (Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch), which can be followed by the Fatal Leg Twister (Light Punch, Light Kick) during the Hooligan Combination.

Super Arts

Cammy’s Super Arts are some of the most powerful tools at her disposal. These include:

Spin Drive Smasher (Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick)

Killer Bee Spin (Down, Down/Back, Back, Down, Down/Back, Back + Kick)

Delta Red Assault (Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch) among others’‹.

Unique Moves

Cammy also has a selection of Unique Moves such as:

Lift Uppercut (Back + Medium Punch)

Delayed Ripper (Forward + Heavy Kick)

Assault Blade (Back + Heavy Kick), and more.

These moves offer additional combat options to keep opponents on their toes’‹.

Mastering Cammy in Street Fighter 6

Cammy is at her strongest when utilizing her kicking combos. Her speed and long-range attacks make her a formidable opponent.

The key to playing Cammy effectively lies in leveraging her speed to attack opponents with standard moves, followed by a powerful combo or throw. Her Hooligan Combination, with its numerous variances, can be a game-changer, forcing openings in your opponent’s guard’‹’‹.


In conclusion, Cammy, with her unique backstory and versatile moveset, continues to be a popular character in Street Fighter 6. Her quick movements, coupled with her powerful combos and unique moves, make her a formidable opponent in the game.

As you familiarize yourself with her move list, mastering her strategies will surely lead to some exciting matches.

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