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Street Fighter 6: All World Tour Missions and Quests

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Immersing yourself into the vibrant world of Street Fighter 6 offers a thrilling RPG-like experience where you step into the shoes of a variety of fighters, embarking on quests and missions that unfold across the urban landscapes of Metro City and beyond.

The Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode encapsulates this journey perfectly, presenting a series of engaging quests and missions that challenge your fighting skills and strategic prowess’‹.

Street Fighter 6: A Deep Dive into the Main Missions

There’s a wealth of main missions that form the backbone of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour. These missions span across 15 chapters, each with its own unique objectives and challenges.

The mission “New Kid on the Block” kicks off the first chapter, setting the pace for subsequent quests like “Kung Fu Lessons in Chinatown”, “The Mad Gear Gang of Metro City”, and “Bound for England”.

As the story evolves, you navigate through the likes of “A Toast to Victory”, “Nascent Nayshall”, and “The Suval’hal Martial Arts Tournament”. The final chapter culminates in “Divine Struggle”, a mission that brings the main campaign to a close, asking you to contemplate “What It Means to Be Strong”’‹1’‹.

Chapter 1

  • New Kid on the Block

Chapter 2

  • Kung Fu Lessons in Chinatown
  • Canary Crate Crackdown

Chapter 3

  • The Nightlife of Metro City
  • Bosch’s Whereabouts
  • The Search for the Bag

Chapter 4

  • The Mad Gear Gang of Metro City

Chapter 5

  • Bound for England
  • Entrusted Encryption

Chapter 6

  • Hard Reboot

Chapter 7

  • Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium
  • Novice League Prelims
  • Main Tournament Registration
  • Shot Across the Bao
  • Bao Bao Boogie
  • The Novice League Tournament

Chapter 8

  • A Toast to Victory
  • Tracking the Mystery Code
  • The Elusive Former Champ
  • Big in Japan
  • Meeting at the SiRN Building
  • Scraping the Sky
  • High-Flying Man

Chapter 9

  • Nascent Nayshall
  • White Hat Down

Chapter 10

  • Resisting, Nayshall Style
  • Brother and Sister
  • Outlaw Pankration Tournament
  • Back to Metro City

Chapter 11

  • Repping Metro City
  • The Crows’ Nest
  • Recruitment Drive
  • The Evil Zenith

Chapter 12

  • Kalima of the Resistance
  • Tournament of Outlaws

Chapter 13

  • The Suval’hal Martial Arts Tournament
  • Mission Briefing
  • Where It All Began
  • A Most Beautiful Mess

Chapter 14

  • From One Friend to Another
  • The Transporter
  • Mountain of History
  • The Mountain Hideout
  • The Clock Is Ticking

Chapter 15

  • Divine Struggle
  • What It Means to Be Strong

Street Fighter 6: Mastering the Masters Missions

The Masters Missions in the Street Fighter 6 World Tour present an opportunity to learn from the best. Engage with seasoned fighters, including Luke, Dee Jay, Cammy, and Ken, each offering a unique mission that tests your capabilities. From Luke’s “Forks in the Road” to Ken’s intriguing “A Gentleman’s Whereabouts”, these missions offer a deep dive into the fighting styles and stories of these iconic characters’‹1’‹.


  • Intelligence Operations?
  • Intelligence Operations!

Dee Jay

  • Lost Grooves


  • A Gentleman’s Whereabouts


  • Forks in the Road

Street Fighter 6: Exploring the Sub Missions

In addition to the main and Masters missions, the Street Fighter 6 World Tour also boasts an array of Sub Missions.

These missions, set within the locales of Metro City and Old Nayshall, offer a diverse range of challenges that add depth to the player’s journey.

Metro City’s sub missions include “The Spirit Guide”, “Safety First”, and “Subway Shenanigans”. In Old Nayshall, you’ll find yourself embarking on missions like “A Hardboiled Adventure” and “Drone Alone.”’‹

Metro City

  • The Spirit Guide
  • Safety First
  • Extra
  • Special Unit Del-
  • Hither and Thither
  • The Yoga Statue
  • Canary Crate Tyranny
  • Sign of the Times
  • Barrel-Bustin’ Bonanza
  • Dilly Dally Danger
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • Learnin’ in the City – A
  • Danger City Seminar – A
  • Learnin’ in the City – T
  • Danger City Seminar – T
  • Learnin’ in the City – R
  • Danger City Seminar – R
  • Drone Delivery
  • Monk without a Cause
  • They Call Him Carlos Miyamoto
  • The Fighty Mighty
  • Part-Time Party Time
  • Tour de Part-Time
  • Subway Shenanigans

Old Nayshall

  • A Hardboiled Adventure
  • Working for Exposure
  • Outta the Way!
  • Boxed In
  • Sun Drenched Symposium – A
  • Moonlight Lesson – A
  • Sun Drenched Symposium – T
  • Moonlight Lesson – T
  • Sun Drenched Symposium – R
  • Moonlight Lesson – R
  • Whispers of the Mountain
  • Hit Me with Your Best Snapshots
  • Crows of a Feather
  • Putting the ‘Busy’ in Local Business
  • Drone Alone


In conclusion, the Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode is an immersive journey that allows players to delve deep into the lore of the game, undertake a diverse range of missions, and truly live the fighter’s life. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to the franchise, the Street Fighter 6 World Tour is sure to offer a thrilling, challenge-packed journey that expands your understanding of the game and its iconic characters.

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