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Street Fighter 6 Tier List: Who are the best characters?

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In the dynamic universe of Street Fighter 6, the player’s choice of character can heavily influence their success in the game.

While Capcom has balanced the roster to ensure every fighter is a viable contender, some characters simply outshine the rest.

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of the Street Fighter 6 tier list as of June 2023 (via PushSquare)’‹.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List 2023

S Tier: The Best of the Best

S Tier characters in Street Fighter 6 include Guile, Kimberly, Manon, Marisa, and Zangief. Each of these fighters stands out for their unique abilities and play styles.

Guile, a long-time Street Fighter favourite, is known for his deadly Super Arts and ability to trap opponents in a corner.

Kimberly and Marisa, both newcomers, are easy to master and deliver powerful attacks.

Manon, with her ballet-inspired combat style, and Zangief, with his impressive health and grapple moves, are challenging to overcome’‹.

A Tier: Strong Contenders

Next in line are A Tier characters, which include Cammy, Chun-Li, JP, Juri, and Ken.

These characters offer a blend of mobility, range, and power. Cammy’s athletic playstyle and Chun-Li’s range make them tough opponents.

JP, another newcomer, and Juri, with her outrageous kick power, excel at both distance and close-range combat.

Ken remains a popular choice for his agility and power, with devastating combos that can corner opponents’‹.

B Tier: The Mid-Tier Fighters

B Tier characters are still formidable but demand more technical skill. This list includes Dhalsim, E Honda, Jamie, Luke, and Ryu.

Dhalsim’s range and teleportation abilities make him tricky to handle. Honda, despite his size, is surprisingly mobile, while Jamie’s unique, alcohol-dependent fighting style can be challenging to master.

Luke is similar to Ken and Ryu but offers more power and personality. Ryu, a series icon, remains an easy-to-understand option, although Ken is generally seen as the superior choice’‹.

C Tier: Room for Improvement

Lastly, the C Tier characters are Blanka, Dee Jay, and Lily. Blanka relies heavily on his Blanka-chan gimmick to deal significant damage.

Dee Jay, despite having some powerful tools, struggles against more skilled and mobile opponents due to his one-dimensional play style.

Lily, arguably the easiest character to pick up in Street Fighter 6, lacks the combo potential of her counterparts’‹.

Street Fighter 6 Tier List Conclusion

The tier list for Street Fighter 6 can change as new characters are introduced and gameplay tweaks are made.

Whether you’re a seasoned Street Fighter fan or a newcomer to the series, understanding the tier list can improve your gaming strategy and enhance your overall experience.

Choose your fighter wisely, and remember: the battle is won in the mind before it is won in the arena.

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