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Will Tekken 8 be on all platforms?

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As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the release of the much-awaited Tekken 8, one question looms large in the minds of fans: will this iconic fighting game be available on all platforms?

While the official release date is yet to be announced, Bandai Namco, the esteemed developer behind the franchise, has shared some crucial information about Tekken 8’s availability.

Tekken 8 Platforms

The good news for avid gamers is that Tekken 8 will indeed be accessible on the three most popular gaming platforms – PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X|S, and PC Digital.

This development will undoubtedly bolster the game’s already massive fan base, allowing them to experience the action-packed excitement of this renowned series on their platform of choice.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5, with its lightning-fast processing speeds, will bring Tekken 8 to life with unparalleled graphics and performance.

The game is expected to make full use of the next-generation console’s hardware capabilities, offering players a breath-taking and immersive experience.

With its ray tracing technology, the PS5 promises to deliver jaw-dropping visuals that will set new benchmarks for fighting games.

Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft’s flagship console, is another platform set to host Tekken 8. Boasting of powerful processors and cutting-edge technology, the Xbox Series X|S will provide players with smooth gameplay and stunning graphics that fans have come to expect from the Tekken series.

Additionally, Xbox’s Smart Delivery feature will ensure that gamers receive the best version of Tekken 8 for their console, making upgrading a hassle-free experience.

Will Tekken 8 be on PC?

PC gamers will also be able to join in the fun with Tekken 8’s PC Digital release. As the gaming community continues to expand, more and more players are embracing the flexibility and customization options offered by PC gaming.

Bandai Namco’s decision to make Tekken 8 available on PC Digital demonstrates their commitment to catering to the diverse preferences of their audience.

With powerful gaming rigs and various hardware configurations, PC gamers can expect stunning visuals, smooth framerates, and adjustable settings to enhance their gaming experience.


In conclusion, the upcoming release of the new fighting game will be a true celebration of the franchise’s legacy, as it becomes available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC Digital.

Bandai Namco’s commitment to making the game accessible to a wide range of gamers reflects their dedication to delivering an exceptional experience to their global fan base.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits more details on Tekken 8, the assurance of a multi-platform release has undoubtedly heightened the excitement surrounding this much-anticipated title.

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