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Tekken 8 Rollback Netcode: Will it be in the game?

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With the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Tekken 8, fans of the fighting game franchise have been eager to learn more about the game’s features, particularly in regard to its online performance.

One aspect of online gameplay that players are particularly interested in is the implementation of rollback netcode, which has become an increasingly important factor in ensuring smooth and satisfying online matches.

The good news is that Tekken 8 will indeed include rollback netcode, as confirmed by the series’ creator, Katsuhiro Harada, via Twitter.

What is Rollback Netcode?

Rollback netcode is a type of online infrastructure that aims to minimize the impact of latency and lag in fighting games by predicting and simulating player inputs, then rolling back to the correct state if necessary.

This approach has been widely praised by both players and developers for its ability to deliver a more responsive and enjoyable online experience, especially in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of competitive fighting games.

In response to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter, Harada confirmed that rollback netcode would indeed be included in Tekken 8, stating:

“already installed it, and it already has what you want. The reason WHY we don’t make big announcements like cross-play is Cuz even if we make big announcements, people like you will only say things like, ‘waaaa! That’s normal in this day and age.’ So shut up & sit the hell down.”

Harada Comments on Tekken 8 Rollback Netcode

Harada’s somewhat cheeky reply indicates that the implementation of rollback netcode is now considered a standard feature in modern fighting games, and that Tekken 8 will not lag behind in this regard.

This comes as a relief to many fans, as the online experience can significantly impact the overall enjoyment of a fighting game.

The inclusion of rollback netcode in Tekken 8 will bring several benefits to players. First and foremost, it should help reduce the frustration and disappointment caused by input lag and latency issues, allowing players to focus on their skills and strategy rather than on their connection quality.

Furthermore, the improved online experience will likely make Tekken 8 a more attractive option for competitive gamers, increasing its potential player base and contributing to the growth of the Tekken community.


In conclusion, Tekken 8’s confirmed inclusion of rollback netcode demonstrates the developers’ commitment to providing a top-tier online experience for their players.

The presence of rollback netcode should help minimize the impact of latency and lag, allowing gamers to enjoy smoother, more responsive online matches.

As the Tekken series continues to evolve and innovate, players can rest assured that Tekken 8 will deliver the high-quality, action-packed gameplay they have come to expect from this beloved fighting game franchise.

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