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Who is the voice announcer for Tekken 8?

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As one of the most highly anticipated fighting games of the year, Tekken 8 has been creating a buzz among fans since it was announced.

With its updated graphics, new characters, and improved gameplay, Tekken 8 promises to be the best instalment in the series yet.

But there’s another aspect of the game that fans are curious about: who is the voice announcer for Tekken 8?

Tekken 8 Announcer

The voice announcer for Tekken 8 is Lenne Hardt, a veteran announcer who has worked in various combat sports events. Hardt’s voice is instantly recognizable to fans of Japanese combat sports, as she has been a staple of the industry for many years.

Hardt is best known for her work as an announcer for the PRIDE Fighting Championships, a now-defunct mixed martial arts promotion that was based in Japan. She also worked as an announcer for DREAM, ONE Championship, and Glory World Series, all of which are major combat sports promotions in Asia.

Hardt currently works as an announcer for the Rizin Fighting Federation, a Japanese mixed martial arts promotion founded in 2015. Rizin has quickly become one of the top promotions in the world, thanks in part to Hardt’s enthusiastic and engaging announcing style.

In addition to her work as a combat sports announcer, Hardt has also worked as a voice actor and singer. She has provided voices for numerous anime series, including Sailor Moon, and has released several albums of her own music.

Lenne Hardt

Fans of Tekken 8 can expect to hear Hardt’s signature announcing style throughout the game, providing commentary on each fight and introducing each character as they enter the arena.

Her energetic and passionate voice is perfect for a game like Tekken, which is all about intense combat and exciting action.

Overall, the choice to bring on Lenne Hardt as the voice announcer for Tekken 8 is smart. Her years of experience in combat sports announcing and her unique style and voice make her the perfect fit for a game like Tekken.

Fans of the series can look forward to hearing her iconic voice throughout the game when it releases later this year.

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