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Amir Albazi Net Worth 2024: Wealth of the MMA and UFC Star

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In the competitive world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), few fighters make an indelible mark that resonates beyond the confines of the octagon.

Amir Albazi, a name synonymous with skill, perseverance, and success within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), stands as a testament to what dedication in the sport embodies.

As of 2024, Amir Albazi’s net worth is estimated at a commendable $1.5 million, according to Sportskeeda, a reflection of his achievements and the financial rewards that come with them.

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Amir Albazi Net Worth: The Journey to $1.5 Million

Born in Iraq and based in London, England, Amir Albazi’s journey through the ranks of professional MMA is a narrative of relentless pursuit and undeniable talent.

Known affectionately as “The Prince” among his fans and peers, Albazi has carved a niche for himself in the bantamweight division, showcasing a blend of technical prowess and strategic acumen that has seen him through numerous victories.

Albazi’s financial success stems primarily from his professional engagements within the UFC, where he has been on a six-win streak.

His career highlights include memorable victories and championship titles in both the FSC and UCMMA bantamweight categories. Notably, his knockout victory against Alessandro Costa at UFC Vegas 66 underscored his standing as a formidable competitor in the sport.

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Earnings Breakdown: The Financial Anatomy of a UFC Star

The financial landscape of a UFC fighter is often a composite of fight purses, win bonuses and promotional bonuses. For Amir Albazi, these components have significantly contributed to his net worth.

In one of his recent fights at UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Strickland, Albazi’s salary was reported at $101,000. This figure included a $48,000 fight purse, an equal amount as a win bonus, and a $5,000 promotional bonus, painting a picture of the lucrative potential for top-tier fighters in the UFC.

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Amir Albazi Net Worth: Key Victories and Career Milestones

Amir Albazi’s path to financial and professional success is punctuated by key victories that have not only enhanced his reputation but also his earnings.

His win against Francis Figueiredo at UFC 278 via a rear-naked choke submission and his knockout victory over Alessandro Costa are notable highlights.

These victories, among others, have solidified his position in the sport and contributed to his growing net worth.

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The Impact of MMA Success on Financial Wealth

The correlation between success in the octagon and financial wealth is evident in the career of Amir Albazi. His journey from a promising fighter to a celebrated UFC star underscores the potential rewards that come with dedication and success in MMA.

Albazi’s net worth of $1.5 million in 2024 is a testament to his hard work, talent, and the financial opportunities available in professional MMA.


  • What is Amir Albazi’s net worth in 2024?
    • Amir Albazi’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million in 2024.
  • How does Amir Albazi earn his wealth?
    • His wealth primarily comes from his professional fights in the UFC, including fight purses, win bonuses and promotional bonuses.
  • Where is Amir Albazi from?
    • Amir Albazi was born in Iraq and currently resides in London, England.
  • What weight class does Amir Albazi compete in?
    • Amir Albazi competes in the bantamweight division of the UFC.
  • Has Amir Albazi won any championships?
    • Yes, he is a former FSC and UCMMA bantamweight champion.

Amir Albazi’s story is not just one of financial success but also of the spirit of perseverance and dedication in the face of challenges. His journey in the MMA world, culminating in a net worth of $1.5 million as of 2024, serves as an inspiration to aspiring fighters worldwide.

As he continues to compete at the highest levels of the sport, his legacy, both in terms of athletic achievement and financial success, is sure to grow.

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