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A.J McKee – “I’m the Floyd Mayweather of MMA, So I’m Looking To Make That Floyd Money”

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Undefeated Bellator featherweight contender A.J. McKee recently spoke to MMA Junkie. The Bellator contracted fighter stated during the interview that he has 2 fights left on his contract, and that he’s looking to make as much money as possible in the fight game.

As he has mentioned previously, McKee has said that he is the ‘Floyd Mayweather of MMA,’ saying that he wants to get a $100 million dollar contract while he is undefeated. The only other fighter to achieve that is Khabib Nurmagomedov.

A.J McKee on Bellator Contract

“You know how contracts work, they got clauses that extend…we’ll sit down” A.J McKee would begin. WWe’re gonna have to sit down after this Bellator tournament for sure. That’s my main thing man, once I get through this tournament? I gotta knock Pitbull’s ass out and shock the world once more.”

McKee would then discuss how winning the Bellator Featherweight√ā¬†World Grand Prix could put him in an ideal position to negotiate terms going forward. “[Once I do that] it’s gonna give me a lot of leverage you know? I’ve always said it, I’m the Floyd Mayweather of MMA, so I’m looking to make that Floyd money. $100 million dollar cheque and stay undefeated. Khabib’s the only other person to do it and he’s not doing it like me, he’s pulling people out.”

A.J McKee would finish by praising Khabib further, comparing their careers. “He’s a great fighter, he’s one of my favourite fighters, I admire his fight career, especially with his father, rest in peace. I just look up to that family legacy and that tradition. Especially coming from having MY father be my coach.”

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