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Mercedes Mone says the rumours about her future are ‘far from the truth’

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Mercedes Mone has responded to the rumours about her NJPW future.

The former WWE star has been making a lot of headlines during her run with the Japanese promotion. The reports have continued claiming however that this run is short-lived and Mone is only contracted for a limited amount of matches.

The IWGP Women’s Champion has disputed these reports time and again, even going as far as to hint that she might move to Japan full-time.

Mercedes Mone is embracing the Japanese culture

Mone is set to defend her title against Mayu Iwatani at Stardom’s show on Sunday. She spoke to Sports Illustrated ahead of this bout and once again said that the rumours about her contract ending after this appearance are not true:

‘The rumors are so far from the truth, If it’s not coming from me or my voice, then how does anyone else know my business? None of it is true unless it is coming from me. It’s just a reminder that I’m a conversation starter.’

Mercedes Mone explained that she is not here for a quick second. The women’s champion claimed that she is doing various activities and embracing the way of life in Japan:

‘This is my new home, I’m embracing the way of life. I’m riding the train, I’m eating the food. I’m not here for a quick second. I have a kitchen in my apartment, but when I go out, I’m eating yakiniku. It’s this amazing barbecue. I’ve been enjoying everything. The pancakes are amazing, too.”

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Martin MacDonald