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NJPW BOSJ 2023 Schedule: What is it?

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New Japan Pro Wrestling’s (NJPW) Best of Super Juniors (BOSJ) 2023 is on the horizon, and the anticipation is palpable. This multi-night event showcases the best light heavyweight talent from around the globe.

The Official NJPW BOSJ 2023 Schedule

The BOSJ 2023 tournament is set to take place across various venues in Japan, providing an exciting tour of the country alongside the top-tier wrestling action. Here’s a quick rundown of the schedule:

  • Friday, May 12: Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
  • Saturday, May 13: Nagano, Nagano Prefectural Budokan
  • Sunday, May 14: Nagoya, Nagoya International Convention Center Event Hall
  • Tuesday, May 16: Akita, Akita Prefectural Budokan
  • Wednesday, May 17: Miyagi, Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
  • Thursday, May 18: Iwate, Iwate Prefectural Gymnasium
  • Friday, May 19: Aomori, Maeda Sub Arena
  • Sunday, May 21: Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
  • Tuesday, May 23: Osaka, EDION Sub Arena
  • Wednesday, May 24: Osaka, EDION Sub Arena
  • Friday, May 26: Tokyo, Yoyogi 2nd National Gymnasium
  • Sunday, May 28: Tokyo, Ota-Ku Gymnasium

Streaming NJPW BOSJ 2023

Every night of this exhilarating event can be watched in full on NJPWWorld, the official streaming platform for NJPW. This means fans worldwide can follow the action live from each venue.

Why NJPW BOSJ 2023 is a Must-Watch Event

BOSJ 2023 promises to deliver high-intensity matches, spectacular performances, and thrilling storylines. Each night offers a new location and a fresh set of electrifying bouts.

Keeping Up with BOSJ 2023 on NJPWWorld

NJPWWorld offers subscribers the chance to stay up to date with every twist and turn of BOSJ 2023. With the convenience of streaming, you won’t miss a moment of this thrilling tournament.


To sum up, NJPW BOSJ 2023 is an event that no wrestling fan should miss. The tournament spans various locations across Japan, adding a unique flair to the high-stakes wrestling action. By subscribing to NJPWWorld, you can ensure that you’re part of this exciting journey. Get ready for the NJPW BOSJ 2023 tour!

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