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Will Ospreay To Satoshi Kojima – “I’m Gonna Cave Your Head In”

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NJPW star Will Ospreay recently tweeted a video in reaction to the New Japan New Beginning tour shows announcement. It has been confirmed by New Japan that Will Ospreay will be facing Satoshi Kojima in a singles match at The New Beginning in Nagoya on (January 30).

Ospreay would take to Twitter to share his disgust that the match had been announced. Back at the New Year Dash, Ospreay and the United Empire stable would attack Kojima’s long-time friend Hiroyoshi Tenzan, causing the legend to be stretched off at the show.

Will Ospreay on Kojima

“New Beginning has been announced” Will Ospreay began on the Twitter released video. “And from January 17th onwards I’m gonna be doing tag matches with O-Khan against Kojima and some young boys. Then on the 30th I’m actually gonna have a one on one match (with Kojima).”

“I dunno if it’s just me right? Before I came to New Japan? I had no idea who this guy (Kojima) was” Ospreay would continue. “I’m not some type of guy that just sits there and says like ‘I know everything about what Kojima did when he was in All Japan Pro Wrestling. And I know EVERYTHING about what he did in New Japan.’ It’s the same guys who are just like ‘murrrr I love Joshi pro wrestling for the great talented women they are.’ You know what I mean? it’s just like…”

Will Ospreay would finish by telling Kojima, unequivocally, that he needs to ‘stay home.’ “I can’t get over this. Stay at home mate. I get that you’re mad at me, you’re mad at what we did to Tenzan. That’s business, this is what we do. You get in our (United Empire) way and this is what happens. Surely for the sake of your family? For the sake of your friends? Stay at home mate, or I’m gonna cave your head in.”

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