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AEW vs WWE: The Modern Day “Monday Night” War

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It’s finally happened. The Monday Night War is back (sort of), with AEW vs WWE replacing what fans in the late 90s had with WCW vs WWF.

Ever since the launch of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), fans have been eagerly anticipating the day when the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world go head-to-head once again. And that day has finally arrived.

The rivalry between WWE and AEW is sure to be one of the hottest stories in wrestling over the next few years, and we’ll be covering all the epic showdowns and feuds as they unfold.

AEW vs WWE: The New Monday Night Wars?

The Monday Night Wars were a legendary battle between two wrestling promotions that captivated fans worldwide. It was a fierce competition between WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly WWF).

Both promotions fought tooth and nail for television ratings and fan loyalty. The rivalry was intense, with wrestlers jumping ship between companies, surprise appearances, and shocking twists.

Monday nights became the battleground where these wrestling giants clashed in epic showdowns for viewership on RAW is WAR and WCW Nitro.


The rivalry between WCW and WWE was a pivotal moment in wrestling history. WCW, backed by media tycoon Ted Turner, posed a significant threat to WWE’s dominance.

With the introduction of “Monday Nitro,” WCW aimed to outshine WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.” This head-to-head competition elevated the overall quality of wrestling programming and pushed both promotions to push boundaries and deliver unforgettable moments.


Fast forward to today, and we have a new chapter in wrestling history unfolding with the rivalry between AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and WWE.

AEW burst onto the scene in 2019, promising a fresh alternative to WWE’s product. Led by industry veterans and gifted young talent, AEW has gained a loyal fanbase and carved its own niche in the wrestling landscape.

💡 Key Takeaway: The Monday Night Wars marked a significant turning point in wrestling, while the ongoing rivalry between AEW and WWE continues to shape the industry today.

The Biggest Rivalries – AEW vs NXT

When it comes to the epic showdowns and feuds between AEW and WWE, there are two rivalries that stand out. The first is AEW vs NXT. Both promotions had fierce competition for viewership and talent, leading to some intense matchups when the shows were going head-to-head.

The second rivalry is WWE overall vs AEW, which is fueled by the history and legacy of WWE as the dominant force in professional wrestling and AEW’s mission to challenge that dominance.

In the AEW vs NXT rivalry, we have witnessed incredible matches and memorable moments as both shows tried to get better viewership on Wednesday nights. The fanbase of both promotions was divided, with each side passionately supporting their favourite.

The competition between these two shows was a breath of fresh air for wrestling fans, as it pushed both promotions to step up their game and deliver high-quality content week after week.

💡 Key Takeaway: The rivalries between AEW and WWE, particularly AEW vs NXT and WWE vs AEW, have brought about a new era of competition and excitement in professional wrestling. These rivalries have captivated fans and pushed both promotions to deliver their best in terms of matches, storylines, and overall entertainment value.


One of the most talked-about rivalries in recent years was the ratings battle between AEW and NXT. Both promotions have taken the wrestling scene by storm, offering something unique to fans. Let’s take a closer look at this epic showdown.

1. Competition for Ratings

AEW and NXT were previously competing head-to-head on Wednesday nights for viewership dominance. This created a healthy rivalry, as both promotions constantly strived to deliver the best in-ring action and captivating storylines to attract and retain viewers.

2. Different Approaches

While AEW focused on a more edgy and alternative wrestling style, NXT has built its reputation for its developmental system and emphasis on WWE-style storytelling. This contrasting approach sparked discussions among fans about which promotion offers a superior product.

3. Top Talents

Both AEW and NXT at the amassed an impressive roster of talent. From AEW’s “Hangman” Adam Page to NXT’s Johnny Gargano, the match-ups between top stars on both shows were spectacular. The clash of styles and personal rivalries made for some unforgettable matches and built stars on both sides of the coin.

4. Exclusive Events

Both promotions regularly host pay-per-view events that showcase their top superstars and pivotal matches. AEW’s events, such as “Double or Nothing” and “All Out,” have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, while NXT’s Premium Live Events events continue to deliver high-quality wrestling that leaves fans craving for more.

The ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ would end with AEW clearly being the victor, as Dynamite consistently drew greater ratings causing NXT to move back to a Tuesday night timeslot, where it has been doing better since.

💡 Key Takeaway: The AEW vs NXT rivalry was a testament to the ever-evolving wrestling landscape. It pushed both promotions to raise the bar in terms of in-ring action, storytelling, and fan engagement, resulting in exciting matchups and unforgettable moments.

AEW vs WWE: Expansion of the Market

The ongoing rivalry between AEW and WWE has had a significant impact on the wrestling scene, particularly in terms of market expansion. With the emergence of AEW as a major player in the industry, the wrestling market has become more competitive and diverse. This has led to increased opportunities for wrestlers, as well as a greater variety of shows and events for fans to enjoy.

One of the key effects of this expansion is the growth of the independent wrestling scene in the US. AEW’s success has inspired other promotions to step up their game and provide more opportunities for up-and-coming talent. As a result, we’ve seen a resurgence of smaller promotions and the emergence of new wrestling hotspots around the world.

Moreover, the competition between AEW and WWE has also forced both companies to experiment with different formats and styles of wrestling. This has given rise to innovative storytelling, fresh match types, and exciting cross-promotional events. Fans are now treated to a wide range of wrestling styles and aesthetics, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

💡 Key Takeaway: The rivalry between AEW and WWE has sparked an expansion of the wrestling market, leading to increased opportunities for wrestlers and a greater variety of shows and events for fans to enjoy. This competition has bred innovation and experimentation, resulting in a diverse range of wrestling styles and cross-promotional events.

Impact on the Future of Wrestling

The epic showdowns and feuds between AEW and WWE have not only captured the attention of wrestling fans worldwide but have also had a significant impact on the future of the wrestling industry. Here are some key areas where this rivalry is shaping the landscape of professional wrestling:

1. Expansion of the Market

The competition between AEW and WWE has sparked a new level of excitement and innovation in the industry. With two major promotions vying for the spotlight, wrestlers and fans alike now have more options and opportunities to explore. This increased competition has led to the expansion of the wrestling market, attracting new audiences and creating a fresh wave of interest in the sport.

2. Pushing Boundaries

The rivalry between AEW and WWE has resulted in both promotions striving to outdo each other, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in professional wrestling. This intense competition has led to more creative storylines, high-stakes matches, and jaw-dropping performances. Wrestlers are constantly challenged to showcase their skills and entertain fans in new and exciting ways.

3. Evolution of Wrestling Styles

As AEW and WWE go head-to-head, their distinct wrestling styles have become more pronounced. AEW, known for its emphasis on athleticism and fast-paced action, has introduced a new breed of high-flying, hard-hitting stars. On the other hand, WWE continues to showcase its own unique brand of storytelling and larger-than-life characters. This clash of styles has created an environment where wrestlers are encouraged to push their craft to new heights, resulting in exciting matches for fans to enjoy.

4. Embracing Fan Input

Both AEW and WWE have recognised the importance of fan engagement and have taken steps to amplify the voices of their audience. AEW, in particular, has embraced fan feedback and incorporates it into their decision-making process, allowing fans to have a more direct influence on the product. This level of interaction has led to a stronger connection between wrestlers and their fans, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

💡 Key Takeaway: The rivalry between AEW and WWE has had a profound impact on the future of professional wrestling, including the expansion of the market, pushing boundaries, the evolution of wrestling styles, and embracing fan input. This competition has brought about new opportunities, innovative storylines, and a renewed passion for the sport, ensuring an exciting future for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.
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