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Darina Mazdyuk Set To Conquer Bellator Lightweight Division

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Viral sensation Darina Mazdyuk signed for Bellator MMA after defeating 529-pound (240kg) YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov back in November 2020. The fight ended in the first round via TKO and was a major hit online, with Mazdyuk winning the inter-gender fight in such sensational fashion.

With Bellator signing with BBC (UK) and Showtime (US) they will be looking for some mainstream success to further cement their status as the number 2 promotion in Mixed Martial Arts.

‘The idea to hold this fight came from me,’ Mazdyuk told back in January, discussing the inter-gender fight against Grigory Chistyakov. ‘There was no quarrel with Grigory. There was an idea for a fight between a woman and a man. We had been looking for a long time for someone who would agree. The organizers found two fighters and from them I chose Grigory.’

Darina Mazdyuk To Conquer Bellator MMA

“Bellator contacted me about one to two weeks after the fight video came out” Darina Mazdyuk stated to “Notably after comments of our fight from the likes of Mickey Rourke, Mark Goddard, and Mike O’Hearn.”

When asked if herher popularity has risen since the inter-gender fight, Mazdyuk said ‘yes, of course. And I will get even more attention when I start to conquer Bellator.’

Darina Mazdyuk has not yet had her first Bellator MMA fight confirmed publicly, but it is looking like she will fight for the company in 2021.

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