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Jan Blachowicz Say He Plans To Knockout Israel Adesanya at UFC 259

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jan Blachowicz recently spoke to Just Scrap Radio on The LHW king discussed a number of topics during the show, including his UFC 259 main event clash against Israel Adesanya.

Jan Blachowicz stands in the way of Adesanya and the Champ Champ status that the current Middleweight Champion craves. Blachowicz noted during the interview how he is still being viewed as the underdog in the fight even though he is Champion. ‘It is a good matchup for me,’ Blachowicz stated. ‘I’m an underdog like always but I don’t care. When I win this fight, I prove to people that I deserve respect. A lot of people still don’t believe in me.’

Jan Blachowicz on Israel Adesanya

‘At 205 we have different power, different timing, everything is different,’ Blachowicz continued. ‘We will see how he will fight at 205. He will be faster than me, but speed is not everything. I have something for him, I am preparing something nice for him.’

Jan Blachowicz finished by saying that he plans on knocking out the UFC Middleweight Champion this Saturday night. ‘We do a lot of wrestling so maybe I will take him down. But, I like fighting standup, every fight starts standing and every fight starts standing. If I have a chance to take him down I will do it. I watched the fight in kickboxing where he got knocked out many times. I will use my striking to knock him out. It’s part of my game plan but you will have to wait until to see the fight. He will feel the Legendary Polish Power, I promise you.’

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