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Mickie James Talks Trending Over ‘Trashbag Gate’ Incident

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Former WWE Superstar Mickie James recently appeared on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. The Women’s wrestling legend discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the ‘trashbag’ incident that took place after she was released from the company.

‘I was trending on Twitter. Oh, man, so many things have happened. You know, Reneé, it’s been a whirlwind” Mickie James began on the podcast. “Like in a weird space you know because at first I was just like, ’˜Oh, okay well I guess that’s fine, whatever next chapter’ and you just kind of do it, but then like, I mean I didn’t want to trend over a trash bag for God sakes.”

Mickie James on Trashbag Incident

“You know, I kind of in that moment was like, ’˜Oh sh*t they still do this? That’s kind of funny’” James added. “Like on par with that moment you know how you feel when you first leave here is like, ’˜Oh, that kind of sucks’ but you do have more freedom and space to be able to explore those opportunities.”

“But at the same time was just kind of like, ’˜I just wished for so many things’ And then I get my stuff in the trash bag and I’m just like, ’˜Oh, it’s on par, whatever’” James concluded. “Because I don’t even feel like it was something that was malicious or anything like that, it’s just like kind of thoughtless and tone deaf.’

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