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Paul Robinson Discusses #SpeakingOut Accusations

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Former PROGRESS star Paul Robinson released a video on March 14th. The video in question addressed the accusations made against him during the #SpeakingOut movement back in 2020.

Paul Robinson reportedly engaged in sexual contact with a 16 year old; this was during an IPW:UK show in Germany, December 2014. Robinson denies this, as well as claims that he was part of a grooming culture in the Kent based independent wrestling promotion.

We spoke to Robinson regarding the situation surrounding his leaving of PROGRESS and the abusive culture surrounding IPW:UK in 2014

If you do not wish to watch the video here are some quotes pertaining to the situation with PROGRESS Wrestling. Here Robinson confirms that he chose to leave the promotion:

“My standpoint was, and I said this to PROGRESS. I’m an independent contractor” Paul Robinson noted. “And my words were to the management of PROGRESS; ‘if I owned this company and someone was bringing me this much hate or negative publicity? I’d get rid of them'” Robinson noted.

“That was my look on it. Because, if I’ve been accused of something, as an independent contractor, it’s not their [PROGRESS’] responsibility to clear my name or speak for me” Robinson confirmed. “It falls on me. If I’m bringing them negative press then I’m not gonna be there while I’m clearing my name.”

“I couldn’t stay there because of fan opinion” ‘Robbo’ concluded. “It’s a fan orientated business, and you’re only there because the fans want you there. So if I’ve had to walk away due to fan opinion, maybe it’s a case of…only fan opinion or fan validation will be able to bring me back, if that makes sense?”

“As much as anyone [wrestling promotions] wants to use me now, they’re not going to be able to. That’s unless the fans say ‘ok.’ That’s if I was to wrestle again…but I just want to clear things up [first].”


This is a candid conversation regarding #SpeakingOut and the very real effects that victims suffer at the hands of abusers.

If you wish to discuss the contents of the interview further we are contactable on Twitter @fighterfansite.

Please note that the video below contains conversation relating to sexual abuse.

YouTube video

Paul Robinson Interview

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  • Women’s Aid – Women’s Aid is a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services in England; and building a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated. Services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are operated by their sister federations.
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Thank you for taking the time to watch and read.

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