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Alexander Volkanovski Talks Contracting COVID-19 and Hospitalisation

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UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski recently appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. Volkanovski was expected to fight at UFC 260 against Brian Ortega, however he had to withdraw after contracting COVID-19.

Alexander Volkanovski discussed the horrific symptoms and hospitalisation he went through following the positive test.

‘Obviously, I tested negative to get on the plane, negative to get into the bubble, everything we did was great,’ Alexander Volkanovski began.

‘And then we were training and got tested again later that week on the Friday the day before Brad Riddell was to fight and I got the news that I was positive” Volkanovski revealed. “Obviously you’re just like ‘what!?’ It was a shock, devastating news.’

Alexander Volkanovski on COVID-19 Symptoms

‘We realized my lungs are hurting a little bit, hurting to breathe” Volkanovski noted. “We started wanting to pay attention to things when I started coughing up phlegm, pinky, like little bits of blood. I was lucky enough to have Geordie my fight dietician, he’s my nutritionist and he knew a little about it.”

“So he knew that’s something we needed to look at, because that was blood in the lungs” Alexander revealed.

‘I had COVID pneumonia,’ Volkanovski said. ‘The pneumonia in the lungs and they did a scan and we could see the infection in the lungs. But it was still a mild case at the time, my Oxygen was still good.”

“They said ‘we can take you back [to the hotel] but you need to keep an eye on your Oxygen levels.'” Alexander Volkanovski concluded. “Geordie had an Oxygen meter … they said if you hit 93 percent and under, come back to the hospital.’

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