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Aljamain Sterling Asks Why Petr Yan Deserves a Rematch

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UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling recently discussed a potential rematch with Petr Yan. The former Champion Yan lost the belt via disqualification back at UFC 259; hitting an illegal knee to the downed Sterling.

‘Any other sport when you do something intentionally illegal you get suspended” Aljamain Sterling stated during a UFC 260 media scrum. “You get fined, you get ejected from the game. This guy is getting rewarded with a rematch.”

“Which I get is a big fight,’ Sterling continued. ‘But, it is like, we can just break the rules and nothing is ever going to happen to us. I can just jump the Octagon and nothing is going to happen, I can go and fight another corner or push him after the bell and nothing is ever going to happen.”

Aljamain Sterling finished by asking why the rules are ‘not’ being enforced. “It’s like, I feel like when you have rules for a reason and you have to enforce them or otherwise let’s just run it up.’

Aljamain Sterling on Petr Yan

These comments differ from those Aljamain made earlier in the month following the fight. ‘I thought about it a little later and based on the way he did everything, a situation like that where it was intentional, and when something is that blatant” Sterling said following UFC 259.

“I don’t see how it could be deemed anything else other than fully intentional,’ Aljamain Sterling continued. ‘The fans want the rematch and I want a rematch because we didn’t really have a finish. But I wouldn’t be opposed if they decided to go with somebody else. I wouldn’t care.’

It appears as though the company will be running the fight back in the next few months. We do not currently have an official date for the rematch, although summertime would be a likely scenario.

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