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Aljamain Sterling – “Petr Yan Has Beaten Up a Lot of Old Men”

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Aljamain Sterling will be challenging for the UFC Bantamweight Championship this weekend at UFC 259. Sterling will have to beat Petr Yan if he wants to become the division’s undisputed Champion.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Aljamain Sterling stated that Petr Yan has to ‘prove a point’ in their fight. ‘I do think he has to legitimize himself and he has to beat me,’ Sterling told MMA Fighting. ‘I can’t see anybody else who can do that for him. I’ve beaten just about everybody in this weight class or fought everybody in this weight class just to get to this position.”

Aljamain Sterling on Petr Yan’s Record

“I’ve had 13 UFC fights, this is going to be my 14th fight” Sterling continued. “[I’m] finally getting the title shot. He’s had seven fights and the guys he’s fought, in terms of the calibre of opponents, I’ve been in that top five gauntlet for quite a bit now.’

‘I know he’s a bad dude” Sterling continued. “But at the end of the day, he’s beaten up a lot of old men and he has to beat a young lion still. I think for him he wants to prove this more than anything and I think that’s his driving factor. To prove he really is the champion. For me, it’s to prove he’s been the paper champ this entire time and the real champ was the guy who fought Cory Sandhagen and finished the fight in under two minutes.’

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