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Ben Askren Says That The Triller Fight Club Event was ‘Oversexualized’

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This past weekend saw former UFC and ONE Championship fighter Ben Askren take on Jake Paul. It was a fight that was hyped for months, with the former MMA fighter not being renowned for his striking ability going in against a 2-0 boxer at ’˜pro’ level.

As you’ve already most definitely seen, Jake Paul TKO’d/knocked out Ben Askren early in the first round with a right hook. The whole show felt like a bit of a circus, however Ben Askren walked away with over $500,000 in his pocket, almost as much as he made for his entire UFC run.

Even during the event, Ben Askren discussed how he felt the whole show was ‘oversexualized,’ with musical performances and a ton of other content thrown at the wall for the Triller PPV event.

Ben Askren on Triller PPV

‘I feel so bad about the parents that are trying to explain to their kids what’s going on on TV right now” Ben Askren said to Pete Davidson during a locker room interview. “So I feel like kind of an irresponsible mentor to a bunch of children.’

‘I thought two things: I thought oversexualized performances, and this is what I told Tyron in the locker room. I’m like, ’˜Dude, I’m such a f’”ng dad now. Maybe I’m an old guy,’’ Askren added.

‘The second thing is the glorification of weed, which, listen, if you’re an adult, and you wanna go smoke weed, I think that should be legal everywhere. I don’t really care. At all” Askren noted. ‘But just, the glorification of it, when you know kids are watching. I really didn’t love that. And that was what I said.”

‘So the guy behind the camera in the Pete Davidson interview was the Executive Producer. And I said to him, like, ’˜Dude, I’m kind of embarrassed to be associated with this'” Ben Askren concluded. “‘And I don’t really like that I am right now.'”

Little did Ben know that he’d be even more embarrassed when he stepped into the ring that night…

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