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Brendan Schaub on Anthony Pettis – “What Does a PFL Championship Really Do For You?”

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UFC and MMA star Brendan Schaub recently discussed former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis signing with PFL and preparing to fight in the Lightweight 2021 Season.

The move was massive for the Professional Fighting League, with Pettis being a major name to bring in. Brendan Schaub however would state that it’s too much of a step down for Pettis. Schaub would make the comments during the latest episode of his Below The Belt podcast.

Brendan Schaub on Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis recently stated his reasoning for joining the PFL. “I can make a run out another World Championship” Pettis began. “The PFL format will allow me to do that. Also in 12 months it will allow me to do it again at 170 pounds.”

Pettis would also state “the offer the PFL gave me? It was extremely fair, it was presented as a partnership, I’m ready for a new chapter and a fresh start, it’s gonna be a fun ride.”

Anthony Pettis made further comments back in December as to why he’s fighting at Lightweight. ‘Guys at 170 are big dudes. It’s a different beast than 155. The reason I wasn’t at 155 is pure laziness,’ Pettis stated after the Morono fight. ‘It was me outside the Octagon getting fat and just not caring like I should care about my career. I was doing some of the extracurricular things like clubs, the partying scene and all the food that comes with that. I’ve cleared that part of my life. I’m keeping life outside the Octagon very straight. We know I can get down to 155 and be comfortable.’

“I don’t know, he’s done everything” Brendan Schaub would say about Pettis. “I would’ve liked Anthony Pettis to go over to Bellator. Because what does a PFL championship really do for you? Name another PFL champion? Besides Kayla Harrison who, you know, she’s the face of PFL.”

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