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Colby Covington Calls Out Leon Edwards, Calls Him a ‘Bum’

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Last weekend’s UFC Fight Night event ended in controversy once again. Leon Edwards made his return to the octagon after 18 months without competing, taking on Belal Muhammad in the Welterweight division. Although Edwards appeared to be getting the upper hand in the fight, it ended due to an eye poke to Muhammad; leading the referee to rule the fight a no contest.

Many fans, critics and fighters disagreed with the decision, saying that Leon Edwards should’ve been disqualified. One of the more verbal critics of Edwards was fellow UFC Welterweight contender, Colby Covington.

“No, I could care less how he looks,’ Covington recently told Submission Radio. ‘I’ve watched little tapes from here, bits and pieces from the past, and I don’t see anything special. I see a bum. I see a guy that hasn’t fought in two years. What’s the criteria for the rankings? How is he still in the rankings?”

Colby Covington on Leon Edwards

“I know that before they pulled him out of the rankings because of the inactivity and he was ducking fights” Colby Covington continued. “He didn’t want to fight little ’˜Wonderboy.’ He didn’t want to fight someone else. So, they pulled him out of the rankings. But now he’s back in the rankings, he still hasn’t fought in two years.”

‘He has a no contest ’“ which by the way, that should have been a disqualification” Covington stated. “Because he did poke the guy in the face in the first round. And backstage, I know that Herb Dean gave them the warning, ’˜Hey, don’t poke anybody in the eye,’ because that’s the instruction they give every time before you go out for a fight. So, he should have been disqualified. I don’t know how that was a no contest. But that being said, he still hasn’t fought in two years. How is he in the rankings, guys? What’s the criteria?”

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