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Conor McGregor Disputes ‘Hunger’ Claims Despite Net Worth

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Conor McGregor is, and has been for a long time, the biggest draw in Mixed Martial Arts. With The Notorious One constantly earning more inside and outside the cage, fans and critics have asked if he still has the ‘hunger’ to fight at an elite level.

McGregor has a potential boxing matchup waiting in the wings against Manny Pacquiao; something that would be a huge box office attraction but would once again detract from his UFC career.

Many fighters, including Eddie Alvarez who McGregor beat in 2016, have questioned how McGregor can still fight at this level being worth millions.

Speaking to Fanatics View, Alvarez said that “fighting is having to deal with adversity every day, being told no. Having to wake up (early). Doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do, and that requires discipline and it hardens you, and you become a good fighter as a byproduct of all these things that happened throughout your life.”

Eddie Alvarez on Conor McGregor

“And the idea of having $100m in the bank, where everyone tells you yes, you get to make your own schedule and you get to wake up when you want, it’s the opposite of having to be a fighter, it actually softens you” Alvarez continued.

Taking to Twitter, McGregor actually stated that the 155 pound win against Alvarez was his best ever performance. Conor McGregor also responded to Alvarez’s comments about money, saying “I remember my first 150 mill.”

Conor McGregor also said that a lot of fighters would quit the sport if they had even a slight amount of his net worth. “If you gave 99% of the roster a weeks wage of my net worth you’d never see them compete again” McGregor claimed.

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