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Conor McGregor Says That The UFC Should Make a “McGregor Belt”

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It was recently revealed that Dustin Poirier turned down a UFC Lightweight Title fight. The only reason that The ‘Diamond’ turned down the offer was so that he could take on Conor McGregor in a trilogy fight.

Conor McGregor recently posted an old video to Twitter from the build up to UFC 196. That event saw McGregor take on Nate Diaz, and during the build up Conor McGregor said that he was “fighting for his own belt.”

‘I I feel it’s time to break out this baby for the next fight” McGregor wrote on Twitter above the video. “So I ask the UFC to please create The McGregor belt. I suggest rose gold and rubies. Think patek rare.”

Conor McGregor on ‘The McGregor Belt’

“Or yellow gold and emeralds possibly” McGregor added. “Might be nice also. I’m open to design suggestions. Let’s link up UFC #TheMcGregorBelt.’

Although it’s fairly outrageous, there’s no argument that right now a fight against McGregor is the biggest money ticket in MMA. The proof is there to see with Poirier turning down at shot at the gold to fight Conor.

Dana White even said that it was a “smart move” by Poirier to turn down the shot at the gold for the trilogy fight. If the BMF Title exists in UFC, there’s a chance ‘The McGregor Belt’ could also become a reality.

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