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Darren Till RIPS Into Marvin Vettori For Questioning Fight Pull-Out

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It was recently confirmed that UFC Middleweight contender Darren Till would have to withdraw from his upcoming fight with Marvin Vettori.

Till (18-3-1 MMA, 6-3-1 UFC) had to withdraw from the fight on just a few weeks ago due to a collarbone injury. At the UFC on ABC 2 press conference, Vettori called Till’s injury ‘suspicious,’ something that Darren Till couldn’t leave unanswered.

“Whats up with you mate? You missing a few cells or something?” Darren Till began in a response via Instagram. “If only you f*cking knew what I went through this camp to get to fight you, Inside & outside the gym!”

“Let’s have it right mate, you were going to be my easiest fight” Till continued. “You are a walking punch bag who’s tough.
Nothing more & nothing less. So keep ur bitter mouth shut.”

Darren Till on Marvin Vettori

“For you or anyone to even think for one minute I’d pull out of a fight with some bullsh*t excuse makes me howl” Till added. “Every fight camp I guarantee I train through way harsher injuries than you and 90% of the roster.”

Darren Till them finished by emphatically saying that he is injured and could not fight. “What you want me to do? I’ve broke my f*cking collarbone u utter moron. Make sure you win Saturday, & here’s some advice u ugly looking lord of the rings orc looking motherfc*ker.

“Just be happy for your peers, be happy [at] the fact Adesanya beat you, be happy the fact I was going to school you, & be happy you’re at the top in one of the most devastating sports in the world” Till concluded. “Stop being a hater you bum.
And you’re not from Italy, you’ve lived in California most of your life, you lying b*stard. I’ll tag you in my x-ray so you can sleep easy tonight.”

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