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George St Pierre Offers Conor McGregor Advice Following Poirier Loss

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UFC legend and arguably the greatest of all time George St Pierre recently appeared on the Ariel Helwani MMA show. The former Welterweight Champion discussed a number of topics during the interview, including how Conor McGregor can return from his loss against Dustin Poirier in January.

‘So when I made my first million of course my life changed” George St Pierre stated. “I had more security and I didn’t feel that I was fighting for the same reason that I was in the beginning in terms of security.”

“When I was poor at the beginning, I was on the edge” GSP said. “I knew if I lost I would feel like death and my life would be a mess. But when you get money, these things change.”

George St Pierre on Conor McGregor

GSP then said how the ‘richer’ fighters like McGregor need to get out of their comfort zone. ‘However, to keep performing, you need to get out of your comfort zone. You cannot stay in your comfort zone in a training camp, because you are trying to recreate the same element you can face for a fight.”

“And when you’re in a fight, you won’t be in your comfort zone. It’s imperative if Conor (McGregor) wants to great back on the road to success, he needs to get out of his comfort zone. He needs to not be the boss of the training camp, he needs his coaches to tell him, ’˜you need to spar these guys, you need to go there and do this.’”

“Even if it doesn’t please him, he needs to go through that” George St Pierre finished. “Because if you can stay in your comfort zone, the only thing that can happen is you will go down. You need to do that.”

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