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Jon Jones Livid With “Bullsh*t” New Lil Nas X ‘Satan’ Trainers

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Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has had his say on the controversial Lil Nas X ‘Satan’ trainers.

Lil Nas X recently collaborated with a company called MSCHF to create and produce the ‘Satan Shoe.’ The trainers are also being called the “blood shoes.”

The trainers themselves are basically customised Nike Air Max 97 shoes . Each pair features the pentagram symbol, a Bible verse that references Satan, and, allegedly, a drop of blood from one of MSCHF’s employees.

There were only 666 pairs of the shoes made, with a massive price tag of $1,018 on each pair.

Jon Jones on ‘Satan’ Trainers

Jon Jones, a proud religious man with Philippians 4:13 tattooed across his chest is not happy with the trainers. Jones believed that the shoes were produced by Nike themselves, which is not in-fact the case.

“Tomorrow morning I’m going to burn all my Nike shoes” Jon Jones tweeted. “You will never catch me in that sh*t again.”

Nike are reportedly taking legal action against the company and the production of the shoes. Once Jones was made aware of this, he tweeted “ok, now I’m seeing there is a lawsuit.” Glad to know Nike isn’t behind this bulls**t.”

At least two other famous athletes have spoken out against the shoe recently. NBA star Nick Young and NFL draft darling Trevor Lawrence.

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