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Kevin Holland – “I Give You a Good Show and You Still Complain”

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UFC Middleweight fighter Kevin Holland will be stepping into the octagon for the second time this year. Holland was chosen as a last minute replacement to fight Marvin Vettori on April 10; as Darren Till had to withdraw from the fight due to a collarbone injury.

Kevin Holland recently spoke to MMAFighting, discussing critics of his ‘Big Mouth’ style and how he operates when he is inside the octagon.

‘I just like to fight,’ Holland began. ‘At the end of the day, that’s one thing that will never change, I love to fight. I want to get the bad taste out of whose mouth? Out of the people who believe in me mouths? Yeah. The people who have something negative to say or always got something to say but they don’t do sh*t but sit on the couch?”

Kevin Holland on Critics

“I don’t really care. At the end of the day, they don’t really bother me” Holland continued. “They don’t pay my bills. The people who pay my bills, the people I truly affect ’” not the people who are just betting a couple of dollars on me trying to get rich off my name? Not those people. The true people, that’s what I care about.”

‘Other than that, I don’t really care. It’s like you have to be close to me for me to care. A lot of these people aren’t that close to me, a lot of these people don’t pay my bills. A lot of these people don’t have nothing that I care that’s invested into me” Holland added.

Kevin Holland finished by lambasting critics who don’t appreciate the entertainment aspect that he brings to the sport. “[I] Appreciate the people for tuning in but I don’t know. They tune in for a good show. I give you a good show and you still complain.’

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