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Kevin Holland Wants Welterweight Bout With Belal Muhammad

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UFC fighter Kevin Holland recently spoke to ESPN following UFC Vegas 22. Holland took to the cage in the main event against Kevin Brunson. Kevin Holland is known for his trash talking inside the octagon, but his performance on Saturday night was lacklustre.

‘Honestly, I’d like to get a nutritionist and try 170,’ Kevin Holland said following UFC Vegas 22. ‘Those boys are heavy in there at 85. It’s nothing I just can’t deal with. It’s just something that when you fight for 25 minutes, you think about that type of stuff.”

‘So if I could try a 70 fight, that would be awesome” Holland continued. “Belal [Muhammad] kept mentioning my name getting ready for this fight, and I kept commenting on his little stuff. Belal [Muhammad is] coming off an eyepoke, I’m coming off a loss. We wanted to fight before. Why not do it now?’

Kevin Holland vs Belal Muhammad

Belal Muhammad was of course part of the Fight Night event that took place the week before Kevin Holland lost. As mentioned by Holland, Muhammad’s fight against Leon Edwards ended in a no contest following an eye poke.

Since that fight, Leon Edwards has been calling for a title shot at Welterweight. Although the WW title fight at UFC 261 is decided, Edwards still does not seem to want a rematch against the outside ranked Belal Muhammad.

Muhammad was not happy with Edwards’ actions following the fight. ‘I was seeing red ’“ I was pissed,’ Muhammad stated in an interview with MMA Fighting. ‘Honestly, that’s what pissed me off the most. Cause he was looking past it, not worried about it.”

“At that moment, he felt bad, but then he looked past [me]” Belal continued. “I could have been sitting there in the hospital blind, my career could have been over, and he wasn’t even thinking about it. But he’s doing a press tour like he freaking won the fight ’“ ’˜I’m back, I need the title fight.’”

It remains to be seen how the UFC will address the Welterweight division outside of Masvidal vs Usman in the coming months.

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