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Miesha Tate Says Third Fight With Ronda Rousey Would ‘Be Different’

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Recently returned UFC fighter Miesha Tate recently spoke to Fight Nation on Sirius XM. ‘Cupcake’ discussed a number of topics, including a potential third fight against MMA legend ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey.

‘There’s not a doubt in my mind it would be different, for sure,’ Miesha Tate told Fight Nation. ‘I’m just so different myself, I don’t know how to explain, I just want you guys to see it on July 17.”

“Just things that I didn’t realize and I didn’t compute before as a fighter” Tate continued. “And things I feel like I’m finally picking up at this stage in my life. I don’t know, call it maturity, maybe sitting back observing this sport, watching, and not being under the pressure to compete all the time has allowed me to kind of look at this in a more cerebral way.’

‘I used to very much be a brawler and tough, I still have the mental toughness, I still have the fight but I feel like for the first time I’m tapping into my fight IQ and really going to go about things in a different way than I did before,’ Tate added.

‘At least to start fights. Fights are fights, right?” Miesha Tate concluded. “It’s liable to get crazy at any point. But I’m much different than I ever was before.”

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